Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Something Is Missing Here...

Hi everyone,

So yeh, this dolls house could get a little bit drafty if I don't figure out what's going on here...
(click the link!)

I've spent today cutting this cardboard straight so that it is easier to handle, and I've just finished pinning the graph to the cardboard, ready for my to draw around. Good new is, it just about fits the width of the cardboard! Whoo.

I've also done a rough measurement of the house so far (may change once I find this missing piece of wall, or realise I've added a wall where a wall shouldn't be somewhere here... But hey, it gives you an idea...

It is a little under 5 foot 10" wide.
And 2 foot 6.5" deep.


See you all soon!


  1. holy cow- your dollhouse will be wider than I am tall! Soooo exciting!!

  2. Hiya funky, looking good so far! Have you decided what to make it from? Ply might be lighter but is possibly more expensive and a little harder to work with.

    I have a favour to ask of you, please. If you could post the gist of the following paragraphs on the DHE forum, maybe in the thread bambi started to you (or cut and paste is fine) just so people don't start imagining anything sinister about my membership being closed.

    "I was having a lovely browse today, catching up on your projects (hint: which would be easier if you used external photo hosting sites like Sergio does :-D) and one conversation made me realise that it looks as if I have disappeared off the planet without explanation.

    Like others of you, my work situation is becoming precarious and I have needed to do something in preparation for when the final cut comes so have been working on reviving an enterprise I had going a few years ago which is taking up all the time I used to have for dolls housing and internet playing. I do hope to be back, but at this point I asked the DHE to close my membership because when I can join in the DHE forum party, I'm lost and instead of minutes, hours have passed! I miss you all, hence my peeking in occasionally and love what I can see of what you are up to."

    I tried to post it on my blog and message DHE members with blogs but blogger just isn't behaving for me today! If you would rather not, that is fine, just let me know.
    Cheers, Christine.

    1. Hi Christine, I have shared your message :) It feels weird to me that you can see what we're all doing, but we can't see you haha!

      And I was going to make it out of MDF, since I have used this before, I know the wood type and I know it is strong, sturdy stuff that will last. All my other projects are MDF and I was going to use the thickness of the wood as a guide for what to use. Saying that, Hildred House is made of ply and the walls are thinner. This could help to knock a small amount off the size, but I'm worried it could warp with age somehow?

      Do you recommend I should use ply as opposed to MDF?

    2. I can't see all your pictures so have to imagine them. :-) Thanks for posting that for me.

      I think if you used ply you would have to used really good quality stuff which might be expensive so mdf is probably the ebst choice.

      and I have something on my blog for you. :-D

  3. This looks like an amazing project and very detailed!! I am looking forward to following it! -ara

  4. Thank you for your comment Ara :)