Saturday, 31 July 2010

My second dolls house!

Okay, yet another work-in-progress dolls house, but this one I recieved for my birthday! The day I saw it, at our local dolls house fair, I fell in love. And you can't deny it, even as a bare shell this is a thing of beauty.

Inside is a big, open space that I have huge plans for. Up the stairs is an open roof space. This will be my bakery.

On the same day it was purchased, I had a little sign made by: . This lady creates absolutely gorgeous items out of clay. She will be making the roof tiling, outside bricks and pavement slabs for this dolls house - I have decided! The sign (pictured at the bottom left of the shop) reads "Bakers Dozen."

This will be the bakery and this time the plan will not change! The first time I saw this beautiful item I could  already picture the bread and cakes through the windows, the baker making a pie and dolls sitting on the roof space having their afternoon tea. Aww, sweet. :)

And I'm especially excited because when it comes round to Christmas again (not long now, so best get a shift on!) I am looking forward to seeing the yule logs, Christmas puddings and mince pies on sale in the cabinets with a warm winter fire in the corner!

Oh I'm getting all excited for Christmas already!

However, could anyone tell me what time era this dolls house would come under? I'm trying to keep this one to a time scale, but I cannot find any bakeries that resemble this sort of building. If anyone could give me a time era I will be ever so grateful!

My very first dolls house project!

I thought I would introduce you to my dolls house, after all it would be rude not to!

First, I'll show you the two dolls house I was bought as a Christmas present from my parents. The houses are two terraced houses - one of a single family house and the other a shop with above rooms. I decided upon buying them that I would make the two into one big family house with the shop.
(The difference in roof colour is not my fault - the man who built them applied the tile paper. I just tell everyone that questions it that the house on the right had a leak and needed a new roof. Just my bit of fun! )

The shop has been many different businesses in the few short months I have owened it. It was orginally a bakery - then a florist, then a dress makers, then a green grocers - but now it is a post office and a post office it shall stay!

Below is the kitchen. I have yet to apply flooring, which I plan to do sometime before the end of next week as I am eager to finish the rest of the house! I also have to fit the stairs, but I shall do that last of all.

What I love the most about this kitchen is the country theme. I live in a country cottage and this kitchen is based on my own home kitchen. I love the cereal boxes on the side and on the table! By the looks of it, the postman came early this morning too!

Now up the stairs from the kitchen and into the living room...
 Yet another unfinished, but started room. This time there is flooring! Again, the stairs need to be fitted. In the cabinet are two Dolls House Emporium plates. One of which is a picture of Grosvenor hall as the month of December, as this was the month I recieved most of the furtniture to go into the dolls house. Below is an Aries plate, a little birthday present from the Dolls House Emporium folk! Thank you :)

And you see those little bits of paper on the coffee table? All 52 playing cards!! You can get those here: at my favourite printable mini's website! I spent a whole sunday evening cutting each card out with a craft knife and sticking them to the table with tacky wax!

Unfortunately, I cannot show you the rest of the house as it is not finished, but *fingers crossed* it'll be finished in time for Christmas as I hope to have the family sitting round the table for their Christmas turkey!