About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog!

I'm curious - you've either found me through my Travel Blog or perhaps you found me through my Miniatures Blog - let me know in the comments - just because I'm nosey like that! Either way, I'm glad you're here. Stay a little longer and let me tell you a bit about me!

My name is Shellby, I'm 21 years old, Aries, born and raised in Lincolnshire, UK and I'm currently living and working in New Zealand. I started my one year working holiday visa in October 2013. So far I have met some amazing people, made some great new friends, met my boyfriend and learnt so much about this breathtaking country, myself and what I want for my future. I plan to extend my visa by an extra year, hoping to earn some extra $ and plan to extend my travels onto Asia and maybe Canada to follow. Who knows?!

I have been blogging since 2010, documenting my creations and learning curves in the magnificent hobby that is 12th scale miniatures. This hobby isn't to everyone's taste, and some consider it kind of childish, but it is my escape from the stress's of real life and there are some incredible artisans whom fuel my inspiration and my passion for one of a kind (OOAK) miniature treasures. I have 5 dolls houses - including a replica of my real home in the early stages of building.

My dream is to be self employed - either in Miniatures or Hospitality. I realise both career options are miles apart, but I have a passion for both. I've worked as a Hotel Manager in England for almost two years, and again now in New Zealand. I'd like to own and run my own hotel someday, something romantic and relaxing in the country. Or I'd like a massive craft room which I can scurry away into to work on dolls house and miniatures forever!

My other hobbies include Pinning like a crazy woman on Pinterest, watching CSI Miami, blogging (obviously!) and reading - both books and blogs! Book wise I will read anything from scary horror, murder, blood and guts kind of thing to mushy romance. I'm not so keen on Life Stories in books, I prefer to read those on blogs. A blog tells you much more about a person in one glance than a whole book, and plus most life story books don't have pictures!!

My favourite colour is blue, but I am in love with the rainbow. I dream big, I dream small and one day I will achieve them all! I have written a (very!) long bucket list in which I aim to complete everything on it before the day I die. No one knows when that will be, so I guess I have to get a wiggle on in case it's soon! :o I'm a bit of a thrill seeker, I enjoy fast cars, motorbikes and quad bikes. I really like jumping out of air planes, not so much liking the bungy jump - but you have to try everything at least once right?

I do have an Etsy shop, it is called ItsAnythingMiniature, used to be Diddies. I changed the name to keep everything streamlined and easy to remember - for both me and my readers!! I have to apologise though, my Etsy shop is nowhere near as full as I'd like to be, I struggle to find the time and supplies for miniature making. I'm hoping to learn some other crafts like Dreamcatchers and those string bracelets.. Maybe one day. Right now I'm concentrating on living and loving my life, enjoying my free time on the beach and dreaming of the bright future ahead!

So feel free to stick around. If you have any questions don't hesitate to comment below or drop me an email! I love both! :)