Thursday, 4 April 2013

Hildred House - Copper Wire Advice Please?

You may remember a few weeks (months?) ago I did a post, asking for your ideas and opinions on two options - a governors mansion and the School for Girls from the film Madeline for my Hildred House.
Well forget those ideas, my inspiration didn't flow enough for me, so instead I decided to turn it into my dream home. I'm not sure how well it'll turn out, but hey, I'm trying to be optimistic here!

Anyways. I've got as far as this.
The windows are painted white and the walls are painted a colour called Warm Beige.
Today I started painting one of the rooms when something occurred to me. This house has a copper wire lighting system and this totally baffles me!
I have watched no end of video tutorials, read no end of tips and tricks but I am still so confused.

The house has all of these wires that lead to the centre of all the rooms. As you can see, there are a couple of little gold "holes", maybe screws pinning the tape to the ceiling. I'm not sure. If I get really close there is the tiniest little hole that has been drilled between the two wires and then comes up through the floor of the next room. But it is really tiny, not big enough for a lighting wire.

I hope it's okay to paint over them??

Is this teeny tiny hole for the lighting wire and once through, then what do I do with it? There's no grooves or hole in the back to thread it through?

The videos I have watched show that you have to trim the wiring right down and solder it to the copper tape, but how will that work for a ceiling light, wont it be at risk of falling down or coming unattached from the ceiling?

Also, I want to add a ton more lights in the form of table lamps, floor lamp, fireplaces etc. How do I go about doing this? Can I just go for the socket method that I'm used to or would it be best to *attempt to* continue with the copper wire?

Also... what is this about? What do I do with this? It's on the back of the house.

Any help that you guys can offer me on this will be very much appreciated. I feel that I can't continue with this project until I get my head around this lighting system, it's totally baffled me.

Feel free to copy my images and draw diagrams all over them if it helps to explain. I can post you my email address if needed.

Thank you!