Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Flowers :)

So the past couple of days have been pretty busy, so I haven't been able to do much. Plus I don't have much else that I can do considering I'm still waiting for things that I've ordered to arrive...

But anyway, I managed to make some flowers last night. Here's a photo for you:

I'm really pleased with how the flowers for the vases turned out. The vases in white with pink roses are Dolls House Emporium vases I got a while ago and they are in the living room. The other vase is from a set I got from Minimum World.. I think.. and that'll go in the kitchen.
The bouquets turned out okay, I'm getting better at doing the paper bit but I'm happy with how they turned out anyway. These bouquets are for the shop - fresh flowers!

So there's my bit of progress on The Old Post Office, for now. Hopefully more to follow soon. I can predict that there will be at the end of November when there is another fair here so I'm saving up the pennies for that event! :)

Happy mini-ing
Shellby Fay

Monday, 11 October 2010

Books and Nursery Items!

Aren't I doing well with all these posts!? Certainly making up for those long gaps!

Here I have a couple of pictures for you of just some things I finished off today. I'm not sure, but you may have seen a couple of these items already dotted about in previous pictures. Today I just finished them properly.

Here are some books I made. They are mainly children's books but there are a couple of other books that I made for the study and to put on the parent's bedside table. You can make out a few of them. If you click on the picture it'll become bigger so that you can see them more clearly.

Here are some games and pictures I found for the childrens bedroom. I have taken a few childrens drawings from Google images and the picture of the colouring book. I also found the image in the picture on Google too. I made the blackboard myself, but I think I might re-do this as I'm not totally happy with the picture.
I found the jigsaw and the chess box on Jim's Printable Mini's. I cut the missing jigsaw pieces out with a blade and you can just see them next to the colouring book. There are also a couple of colouring pencils there too.

So not an awful lot to show you, but they have filled up the study and the children's bedroom quite nicely :)

Also, today I have been further inspired to make my own dolls for the Georgian bakery, The Bakers Dozen, which is my next project. If anyone has any helpful pointers they could share with me, I'd be ever so grateful!

Happy mini-ing

Sunday, 10 October 2010


Here's some more progress photos!!

This is the bathroom. Today I stained the corner unit and I'm really pleased with how its turned out and how well it fits into the room. This room hasn't taken a lot of work, and I'm really pleased with how it's coming on. It's nearly finished, just the last little bits to add!

This is the study. Today I stained the bookcase, desk and the chair that Harry is sitting on. Harry would say "hello," but he's insisted that he's far too busy writing. He's a book writer and on the bookcase you can see a few of his books - the brown ones. I'm not a particular fan... but sssh don't tell him! This room is also almost done. I just need to add stairs and a few finishing touches here and there.

  And the shop! Wow I am seriously pleased with how it's turned out. I was up early this morning and decided to add the items to the shelving. The shelves aren't full yet - therefore the shop isn't complete. I'm also searching for a customer for the shop. Penny is picking up the post and putting it into her bike basket. She's fussing because someone has really bad hand writing. Ernie is just setting off to deliver the milk! Hurry up Ernie I want a cuppa!

And my most favourite man of all! Malcom! He insisted on having a close up, he's, um, had a "hair cut" apparently. Not that there's a lot there to cut anymore, Malc my old pal. Behind him are some jars of sweets that I made. Also some different types of bread. Behind him are some loaves (You just had to get in the way Malcom!) And to the right (our right!) are some seed packets. On the counter are some tea cakes and some newspapers.

So I hope you all really like the progress so far, I do! And I promise there will be more to come shortly!

Happy mini-ing!

Saturday, 9 October 2010


I am a very bad, bad blogger aren't I!? I have been reading everyone's blogs and have found lots of wonderful pieces of inspiration - for current and future projects; but I can happily say that the reason I have not been blogging is because I have (honestly!) been working on the Post Office!

Here's the progress I've made in the last week:

Post Office Flooring. I made this with fat lollypop sticks, mahogany wood stain and stuck them to the floor with Tacky Wax!

Kitchen flooring. I decided I didn't like the card tiled flooring, so I made some wooden flooring just the same as I did with the Post Office. Only this time I stained the lollypop sticks with "Pine" woodstain.

So, no new furniture. You've seen the fireplace. That candle has fallen over. So whats new? Have you noticed the stairs? And the skirting? Yup - they weren't there a little while back :) A friend helped me cut the angles in my skirting, because it's wood and you know what I'm like with wood - I mean heck, God knows what came over me when I managed to make that fireplace!

So haven't I been a good girly :) I doesn't look like a lot has been done, but this was in a week - and now that I'm back at college that's a lot for me! I do have some more progress to show you, but I'm making sure I've got those tiny details sorted and then I'll post up some piccies!

Also, I would like to welcome all my new followers! Thank you so much for following my blog and all the lovely comments; they are greatly appreciated and really make me push to upload my progress for you! You're all stars.

Now, I've got some research to do for my next project - The Bakers Dozen, which is going to be done in the Georgian Era - so if anyone has any pointers they would like to share I'd be very grateful.

So, bye for now!!