Sunday, 10 October 2010


Here's some more progress photos!!

This is the bathroom. Today I stained the corner unit and I'm really pleased with how its turned out and how well it fits into the room. This room hasn't taken a lot of work, and I'm really pleased with how it's coming on. It's nearly finished, just the last little bits to add!

This is the study. Today I stained the bookcase, desk and the chair that Harry is sitting on. Harry would say "hello," but he's insisted that he's far too busy writing. He's a book writer and on the bookcase you can see a few of his books - the brown ones. I'm not a particular fan... but sssh don't tell him! This room is also almost done. I just need to add stairs and a few finishing touches here and there.

  And the shop! Wow I am seriously pleased with how it's turned out. I was up early this morning and decided to add the items to the shelving. The shelves aren't full yet - therefore the shop isn't complete. I'm also searching for a customer for the shop. Penny is picking up the post and putting it into her bike basket. She's fussing because someone has really bad hand writing. Ernie is just setting off to deliver the milk! Hurry up Ernie I want a cuppa!

And my most favourite man of all! Malcom! He insisted on having a close up, he's, um, had a "hair cut" apparently. Not that there's a lot there to cut anymore, Malc my old pal. Behind him are some jars of sweets that I made. Also some different types of bread. Behind him are some loaves (You just had to get in the way Malcom!) And to the right (our right!) are some seed packets. On the counter are some tea cakes and some newspapers.

So I hope you all really like the progress so far, I do! And I promise there will be more to come shortly!

Happy mini-ing!


  1. ¡¡Bien!! Ya va ocupandose la casa. El suelo del cuarto de baño me encanta. Está tod muy bonito y para la tienda has trabajado mucho con los dulces y los panes.
    Malcom está muy eficiente en la tienda, cuidado no lo venda todo.
    Besos Clara

  2. Love the progress, Really does look lovely.. and i really like your shop ,if i was a doll (which i sometimes wish i was lol) i'd definetly be a customer hehe