Saturday, 21 January 2012

Future Projects List *Updated*

Hey everyone!

As part of the makeover for Anything Miniature, I decided that I would do an updated Future Project list. You can find my original post about my future projects here. The Future Projects list post was originally inspired by Wanda of So Mini Projects. She still has her dream project's list on the left hand side of her blog, and I have to say, reading her ideas again definately helped to expland my own list once again!! Oh dear!

A lot of my original Future Projects still stand as projects I would love to do, but as my passion for my hobby has escalated, my visions and imagination has grown stronger and my wealth of inspiration is bursting at the seams, it's difficult to keep a head full of ideas calm and content, when all you want to do is get stuck in.

Well, here's to my first step! I am trying to complete Bruion and The Bakers Dozen so that I can move on to another project. My aim now, once I have completed these two, will be to start and finish one project at a time... but realistically, how many people say that and then end up contradicting themselves?

Well either way, here goes: The projects highlighted in purple are projects I am working on, or have completed.

  • A Bakery
  • A Country Pub
  • A Stable and Horse Scene
  • A Grand House - complete with maids and butler.
  • A Lighthouse
  • A Windmill
  • A Florists
  • A Fantasy Dwelling (Bruion)
  • A Scene from the film Dirty Dancing
  • Old Generals Farm (the house that I live in)
  • A B&B
  • A Modern Family Home (made from the DHE kit, Mountfield.)
  • A Woman's Dress Shop
  • A Haberdashery
  • A Country Tea Rooms
  • A Post Office Roombox
  • A Children's Toy Shop
  • Grandma's House
  • A Winter Scene (yet to be decided upon)
So there we have it. The list has most certainly grown and it's probably safe to say that I may not ever be able to do every single one of these, and they may most definately swap and change as new inspiration comes to me. All a good excuse for you to keep checking back!

I hope you've enjoyed reading this post and you are enjoying the Anything Miniature Makeover so far!

Bye for now!

Anything Miniature Needs A Make-Over!

Hello everyone,

I've been reading back on the old posts of Anything Miniature this morning. I'm so glad that I started this blog. Looking back on everything I posted about makes me realise I have come a long, long way. Looking at my very first bread attempt out of polymer clay, my very first dolls houses, my very first Giveaway win and my Future Projects List inspired by Wanda.

It's been a heck of a journey, and one that I aim to continue for many, many more years to come. My dolls houses are my passion, and sadly I don't always get the time to spend on them that I want. That's when I come to my blog, and your blogs to look around and keep my creative mind working. I love each and every one of your blogs that I follow, and I'm always keenly looking at what you're all up to, even though I don't always comment.

I started a new blog this New Year, one that I'm keeping on top of quite well I think. It's not exactly dolls house related, it more like a sort of journal. It talks about me, my life, what's going on in my mind, what I've been up to, and blogs/people that inspire me. If this interests you, check it out. I Pinky Promise... This blog got a few full days work on it, and although it still isn't finished, I like the layout and simplicity. I decided that Anything Miniature needs a make over so that it's neater, calmer and easier to get around.

So over the next week or so, if everything looks a little higglety pigglety, don't worry, I'm on it!

Now, I best start looking for those notes on HTML...


Monday, 16 January 2012


Hi everyone!

I've recently made a little set of delicious pretzels that can be displayed in your miniature kitchen or bakery!

There are 3 tiny pretzels glued into place on the paper doily which is glued into the real glass cake stand. The cake stand includes a lid which is removeable.
There are also 3 loose pretzels for you to display as you wish and a little metal pincer.
The paper bag is also included.

I've added this pretzel set to my Etsy shop: Diddies

Hope you like them!
Back soon with some more miniature progress!

Friday, 13 January 2012

Bakery Progress!!

Hey everyone!!

I've had yet another constructive day with mini-ing (find out why I have so much motivation here) I've been working very hard on The Bakers Dozen, and have spent many hours decorating, tiling, bricking and adding lighting! I'll be the next best Handy Woman in Lincolnshire by the end of the week!

Here's some piccies:

I ran out of tiles!!! :o :(

I do apologise that the first two are the wrong way around.

So there's my work complete for the day. Tomorrow I make is my mission to find my dad's mitre block and cut the skirting. If I cannot find it.. well, I'm sure there's something else I can do!

See you soon!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Bruion Progress At Last!

Today, is very special!
I'm finally about to show you some proper progress... on a miniature project... on Bruion!!
I can hear the gasps from here!

Bruion sits on my bedside table. The light inside provides a nice little light to read my book with (I still need the lamp on the other side though) but it creates a lovely atmosphere. So Bruion is the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I see at night. It pains me, irritates me, and frustrates me to see it unfinished and every day I look at it, it looks more and more unfinished!
I still have a huge amount of inspiration, imagination and motivation (that's a lot of 'tions' there!) for Bruion, so I decided yesterday, that I would do something about it!

I got up early. Brought Bruion downstairs, made a cuppa and then got my butt into gear!!

I started off by painting this adorable little birdhouse. It's quite a large size in comparison to some miniature bird houses I've seen, but I think it really suits Bruion when I hold it up to where it'll be put in place.

Next, I attached some more flower vines. A few weeks ago, my mom's hairdresser visited and she brought her daughter. Her daughter shares the same passion for dolls houses as I do, and she was eager to help me make some of these vines. It took up a couple of hours while our mom's talked "mom talk" and we had a good natter about all things Dolls House related!
These vines were really simple and easy to make. They're made from floral wire and flower soft. I don't think you need a tutorial, but here's a quick point in the right direction:

1) Coat the wire in a very fine layer of glue. (dont do the whole wire at once, it gets messy. Just section by section as each bit dries.)
2) Sprinkle on Flower Soft, colour of your choice.
3) Let dry.
4) Wrap around or place in desired area.


And then finally, I had the final section of the roof to add moss to. Since this was the section where the wire for the lighting was to go, I wanted to be careful. I didn't want to glue moss straight on top of the wire, so I painted a piece of card green to match the roof. I then positioned the wire underneath the card and glued the card down. Moss on top of card. Voila!!
If I ever need to reach the lighting, I'll just have to rip the piece of card off, do what I have to do and replace card and moss.

I've got a list of things to do today that's about as tall as I am (About 5 foot something) and I think it's best I got on with it all now, don't you!

See you again soon,
Hopefully! :)

Monday, 2 January 2012

Lots of updating to do!!

Hello everyone!!

I'm sorry that I didn't blog yesterday, as promised. I had to work and didn't realise I would be there all day!!
I arrived home at 11pm and decided it was too late to be sitting infront of a laptop!

Last time I posted it was New Years Eve, the very last few hours of 2011. The year of 2011 brought me some laughs and some fabulous memories - like going on holiday to Cromer with two of my friends, Macky and Harry.
And also recieving a big, brand new dolls house for Christmas... yes, I forgot to blog about this one! Oops! Well here it is! All 8 rooms of it (excluding hallways), all 9 sash windows and all working doors!

These photos really dont show you the true size of this house, it's massive! And takes up a lot of room! Hehe. I'm not entirely sure what I would like to do with this house yet. It's supposed to be a mother and daughter project, but things are still pretty  hectic. Getting my mom to sit down and discuss it with me is out of the question until the kids are back to school, dad's back to work and we can go back to our lazy days sat on the sofa catching up with Holby City! :D

So more on this in time.

Now, as I promised on New Years Eve, I would like to list my goals for the year to come. I didn't want to set any New Years Resolutions, because, when you're honest with yourself, how many did you actually keep from last year? I remember my New Year's Resolutions was to lose a bit of weight, be healthier, exercise more and save money. I saved my money until I had to pay for my car insurance. I lost a bit of weight and I'm not very happy with my shape and size, but I still eat junk food and I still eat like a horse. I don't excerise, but I consider work to be enough of that, as I work on a bar and I walk around it countless times a day.

So this year I am setting Goals. These Goals, I will make a special new post for, and will keep it updated as I complete them. I haven't yet thought of the realistic goals I know I can work to achieve. We are only on Day 2 of 2012, I still have 363 days to complete my goals, when I finalise them on this blog!

Check back tomorrow, or maybe even later tonight, hopefully I'll have my list up by then!

Have a lovely day/night!