Monday, 2 January 2012

Lots of updating to do!!

Hello everyone!!

I'm sorry that I didn't blog yesterday, as promised. I had to work and didn't realise I would be there all day!!
I arrived home at 11pm and decided it was too late to be sitting infront of a laptop!

Last time I posted it was New Years Eve, the very last few hours of 2011. The year of 2011 brought me some laughs and some fabulous memories - like going on holiday to Cromer with two of my friends, Macky and Harry.
And also recieving a big, brand new dolls house for Christmas... yes, I forgot to blog about this one! Oops! Well here it is! All 8 rooms of it (excluding hallways), all 9 sash windows and all working doors!

These photos really dont show you the true size of this house, it's massive! And takes up a lot of room! Hehe. I'm not entirely sure what I would like to do with this house yet. It's supposed to be a mother and daughter project, but things are still pretty  hectic. Getting my mom to sit down and discuss it with me is out of the question until the kids are back to school, dad's back to work and we can go back to our lazy days sat on the sofa catching up with Holby City! :D

So more on this in time.

Now, as I promised on New Years Eve, I would like to list my goals for the year to come. I didn't want to set any New Years Resolutions, because, when you're honest with yourself, how many did you actually keep from last year? I remember my New Year's Resolutions was to lose a bit of weight, be healthier, exercise more and save money. I saved my money until I had to pay for my car insurance. I lost a bit of weight and I'm not very happy with my shape and size, but I still eat junk food and I still eat like a horse. I don't excerise, but I consider work to be enough of that, as I work on a bar and I walk around it countless times a day.

So this year I am setting Goals. These Goals, I will make a special new post for, and will keep it updated as I complete them. I haven't yet thought of the realistic goals I know I can work to achieve. We are only on Day 2 of 2012, I still have 363 days to complete my goals, when I finalise them on this blog!

Check back tomorrow, or maybe even later tonight, hopefully I'll have my list up by then!

Have a lovely day/night!


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