Thursday, 20 October 2011

Frost On The Ground!!

Just lately, with all these Christmas miniature's I've been making, I've been feeling very Christmassy!

I've been searching the cupboards for tomato soup and a crusty roll, and I've already invested in a super snuggly dressing gown! I'm on the look out for a warm winter coat, gloves and a scarf! My poor Mom hates that I'm already thinking Christmas presents for the family! I've already decided on hers, and I'm currently looking for someone to make Dad's!

I feel so organised!

Anyway, I woke up really early this morning, and was delighted to see how white the ground was. Through my blurry, sleepy eyes I thought it was snow - I was up and at the window in seconds! Sadly not, just frost. Here's a couple of photos of the view outside my windows at 7:15am this morning :)

This photo is a bit blurry, I do apologise. I was still half asleep! It's a photo of the cows in the field opposite my house.

I love the colour of the sky in this one!

And this is a photo of our lovely Icelandic pony, Bjartor. I can't wait for the snow! He's all wooly like a Mammoth all year round, in preparation for the snow! Haha. You know the horse's you get on the front of Christmas cards, when they're all covered in snow - Bjartor is one of those. Prononce Bjartor as - B - Yar - Tor. :)

See you soon!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

More Christmas Miniatures!

It seems awfully odd crafting Christmas mini's when we've still been having some sunny weather - albeit, not brilliant this week - but certainly no snow, and no Christmas songs on the radio yet!

Still, I must admit I have seriously enjoyed making these miniatures, and I really hope you'll enjoy looking at them!    

  This Gingerbread Man Preparation Christmas table is simply adorable and would look amazing in any kitchen! The table includes rolled dough and cut out Gingerbread Men, a plate of finished and decorated Gingerbread Men, 5 Gingerbread Men cooling on a rack and a beautiful Gingerbread House decorated with white icing, peppermint circles, candy canes and tiny Christmas coloured balls. The tiny balls were applied individually to ensure a good range of colour and detail! All items are glued to the table.

Still feeling in the mood for Gingebread Men, I went on to continue this smaller Gingerbread Men Decorating Preparation board measuring a meer 3cm x 3cm. The board includes several Gingebread men, a plate of tiny silver balls and a handmade icing bag! All items are glued to the board.

This gorgeous little Christmas card set consists of everything you see in the photo, which includes 2 sealed envelopes, 4 loose Christmas cards and a selection box of cards (all cards in the box are glued inside.) This little set will look fabulous on a busy kitchen table, or sitting in the middle of the coffee table with a mug of hot chocolate waiting for your dolls to finish writing out their Christmas cards! The cards and envelopes are blank so that you can write your own messages and addresses!

I have had such fun making all of these items and am feeling very much in the mood for Christmas all of a sudden! More mini's to come shortly!

All of the above items are available in my Etsy shop.

See you again soon,