Thursday, 12 January 2012

Bruion Progress At Last!

Today, is very special!
I'm finally about to show you some proper progress... on a miniature project... on Bruion!!
I can hear the gasps from here!

Bruion sits on my bedside table. The light inside provides a nice little light to read my book with (I still need the lamp on the other side though) but it creates a lovely atmosphere. So Bruion is the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I see at night. It pains me, irritates me, and frustrates me to see it unfinished and every day I look at it, it looks more and more unfinished!
I still have a huge amount of inspiration, imagination and motivation (that's a lot of 'tions' there!) for Bruion, so I decided yesterday, that I would do something about it!

I got up early. Brought Bruion downstairs, made a cuppa and then got my butt into gear!!

I started off by painting this adorable little birdhouse. It's quite a large size in comparison to some miniature bird houses I've seen, but I think it really suits Bruion when I hold it up to where it'll be put in place.

Next, I attached some more flower vines. A few weeks ago, my mom's hairdresser visited and she brought her daughter. Her daughter shares the same passion for dolls houses as I do, and she was eager to help me make some of these vines. It took up a couple of hours while our mom's talked "mom talk" and we had a good natter about all things Dolls House related!
These vines were really simple and easy to make. They're made from floral wire and flower soft. I don't think you need a tutorial, but here's a quick point in the right direction:

1) Coat the wire in a very fine layer of glue. (dont do the whole wire at once, it gets messy. Just section by section as each bit dries.)
2) Sprinkle on Flower Soft, colour of your choice.
3) Let dry.
4) Wrap around or place in desired area.


And then finally, I had the final section of the roof to add moss to. Since this was the section where the wire for the lighting was to go, I wanted to be careful. I didn't want to glue moss straight on top of the wire, so I painted a piece of card green to match the roof. I then positioned the wire underneath the card and glued the card down. Moss on top of card. Voila!!
If I ever need to reach the lighting, I'll just have to rip the piece of card off, do what I have to do and replace card and moss.

I've got a list of things to do today that's about as tall as I am (About 5 foot something) and I think it's best I got on with it all now, don't you!

See you again soon,
Hopefully! :)