Monday, 6 September 2010

My Future Project List & a question for you all...

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you are all having a good day.

So this morning I was having a good old nosey at all the blog's that I follow. I usually scroll through quickly looking for bits of inspiration or to see if there is any progress that I've missed on someone's project I've been watching. When today I came across Wanda's blog ( So Mini Projects ) And I was reading about her final garden swap, admiring the flowers she'd made and wishing I could learn how to make them, when I discovered her "Dream Project List" on the left hand side. Well this was at about 8.30am this morning and just 10 miniutes after reading through her list my mom called me to take the family into town to buy my younger brothers and sister their school shoes. So I found myself driving there, and then sitting in this car park, in my car, all alone...

I was bored. Terribly bored! Town was dead, no one around to people watch - I love that, people watching, you can tell so much about someone just by watching them walk past your car. So my mind wandered to miniatures, as it always does. And I thought back to Wanda's blog and her dream project list. And started to think about all the projects I would love to do.

I started thinking them up in my head and started to worry that I'd forget one or two so maybe I should write a list when I got home. But then, knowing me, I would lose the list and then I would forget most, if not all, of the projects. I know, if it's a project I really want to do I wouldn't forget it, but I like to jot down my instant ideas, as they are always my best ones.
Then I thought, "No, I'll do as Wanda did, I'll put it on my blog. So in months, years... maybe even decades to come, I can go back and find the list in my achive and I can make my way through it."

Now, maybe one day, if the lists grows much bigger, I'll make a list on the side of my blog as Wanda has done, but I'll leave it here in this post for now.

My Future Project List

  • A scene from the film Dirty Dancing. Dirty Dancing is my all time number one favourite film. I went to see it in a theatre in London a year or two ago with my grandparents as a birthday present. It was amazing. The performance was exactly how I imagined it. I bought a teddy dressed in a leather outfit and sunglasses, which still sits on my bed. I would love to do a scene from this film, any scene will do. I may even do a couple, but something small to work on first would be great.

  • A florist shop. I never really had much of a desire to do a florist's, until I saw Kim’s blog and her lovely flower shop, I thought I would enjoy perhaps doing just a small shop or maybe a room box for this project.

  • Bakery/Cafe/Tea room. Of course, this should've been first on the list as this is already my second project in line after the General Store/Post office and family home. I have always wanted to do a bakery, right from the very start so this one I am seriously eager to get going on.

  • Green Grocers. I'd love to do this as a single shop. I have a fascination with miniature food and the mucky potatoes in crates is one of my favourite green grocer items.

  • B&B. You don't see many dolls house B&B's, and it's a project I would really enjoy doing. I haven't found the perfect house yet, but I plan on book marking it when I do!

  • Farm Cottage, inc. stables OR Pub. I live in a country cottage and have horses myself, but I love April Cottage on the The Dolls House Emporium website. So I would like to do this as either a country cottage with a stable, or a pub. I'll decide when, and if, I ever get the chance to own this dolls house.

  • My House. Yes, that's right. I would love to have my real house made into 12th scale. I already have a small scrap book where I am collecting images and websites that sell items that look very similar to what we have in our home already, so I can get straight to it when the time comes. Here's a photo of my house:

So I'll leave you all with a question:

Does anyone know where I can have my house built in 12th scale???????
It's a very old cottage so the ceilings are low, then high, and then low again - I'm not kidding if you are 6 foot you have no chance in this house!!
So being useless at woodwork, not having all of the fancy equipment and tools, I am in search of someone who could build my dolls house to perfect scale and pretty cheaply - oh and they need to be in the UK! 

I am in no major rush, so I'll post this again some time in the future when I have the time and space to take on such a project.

So there you have it, my future project list. It's not a massive list, in my opinion. It's something that can keep me going for years to come. But who knows, this list can be added to very easily. :)

Bye for now!

Shellby x


  1. That's a great list! I think it helps to write it all down, maybe you'll find inspiration in reading your own list down the road. :]

  2. Hi Shellby, It was a pleasant surprise to sit down today to catach up on my blog reading and realize you were writing about me in your blog.

    I started my blog because so many of the blogs I was reading had inspired me so much, so I am glad that today my blog has inspired you.

    I wrote the Dream Project List for exactly the same reason you are doing so today. I have so many ideas, so little time, and I was afraid I would forget some of these ideas in the future.

    Thanks for the comments in your blog, I really appreciate it.

  3. I love your list! If you get to making your flower shop and need flowers be sure to let me know- I'd love to make you some if you would like some from me :) I love your idea to make a dollhouse of your own home!!

  4. Aw Kim that is so kind of you! We should do a swap nearer that time then :) Haha. And thank you, I'm currently searching for someone who can build it for me. But it's going to be a very expensive project, and being a student that's hard on the pocket money lol!

  5. Shelby - You should totally build your mini house. You don't need anyone to build it for you. You're quite crafty and if you can handle a saw and some glue you're on your way. I bought my dollhouse used and thought it would be easy, but ended up having to re-cut windows, etc. because things were done higglety pigglety. I should have done it from the ground up(hindsight, blah, blah). You can so do this! :)

  6. My house is very complicated Knotty By Nature. There are high and low ceilings everywhere and I want everything to be just perfect. I have neither the skills or the equipment to make it. I want it to be spot on. Otherwise, I would love to give it a shot :( But I'm afraid I would waste money on wood messing it up.

  7. I am just having a look at your blog for the first time. I do remember seeing an advertisement for someone willing to create your house in miniature.
    It was in Inverness and I will have a look if you are still interested. I guess they might be able to do it from pictures.

  8. Hi Basset Human Slave! I would be ever so grateful if you could give me a link or contact detail for this person, thank you!