Saturday, 31 July 2010

My second dolls house!

Okay, yet another work-in-progress dolls house, but this one I recieved for my birthday! The day I saw it, at our local dolls house fair, I fell in love. And you can't deny it, even as a bare shell this is a thing of beauty.

Inside is a big, open space that I have huge plans for. Up the stairs is an open roof space. This will be my bakery.

On the same day it was purchased, I had a little sign made by: . This lady creates absolutely gorgeous items out of clay. She will be making the roof tiling, outside bricks and pavement slabs for this dolls house - I have decided! The sign (pictured at the bottom left of the shop) reads "Bakers Dozen."

This will be the bakery and this time the plan will not change! The first time I saw this beautiful item I could  already picture the bread and cakes through the windows, the baker making a pie and dolls sitting on the roof space having their afternoon tea. Aww, sweet. :)

And I'm especially excited because when it comes round to Christmas again (not long now, so best get a shift on!) I am looking forward to seeing the yule logs, Christmas puddings and mince pies on sale in the cabinets with a warm winter fire in the corner!

Oh I'm getting all excited for Christmas already!

However, could anyone tell me what time era this dolls house would come under? I'm trying to keep this one to a time scale, but I cannot find any bakeries that resemble this sort of building. If anyone could give me a time era I will be ever so grateful!


  1. I am enjoying your blog. Isn't it exciting to get this blog going? I love reading everyones blogs and wish the best to you. Hugs, Teresa

  2. Hi,
    I started my dollhouse hobby and my blog in the beginnig of this year. So I'm a quite beginner and this blogging has been a lot of fun for me. Maybe one day I'll get my dollhouse up too;D
    Good luck to your projects and have a fun with your new blog:D

  3. Thank you Thmini2, I hope to have much more content this month! Yes it's very exciting, I'm loving it a lot. I love finding new blogs to read as it inspires me so much. I was looking at your blog this morning and I particuarly like the log cabin. Really excited to see the finished result! It is beautiful!

    Piiko - i love your blog! The little items you have there are beautiful. I particuarly like the little books with the liqourice all sorts. They are so cute! :D
    Thank you, and i look forward to seeing your dolls house!