Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Tomorrow's The Day!! 1 More Sleep!

Hi everyone!!

I've been busy running around my flat preparing for an early start tomorrow.
I've made 100% my camera is charged, I have my camera lead on the kitchen table read to put the photos onto my laptop when I get home. I have my list of things I must not forget to photograph. I have my list of things I must not forget to measure.

I even have my clothes laid out on my chair in my room ready to put on! I haven't done that since school?!

This new project has really got me by the tail, and I plan to allow it to take me anywhere it has to, to complete it! I'm so excited and all I'm going to be doing is measuring walls. Pahaha!

Any tips for tomorrow?
Anything in particular you think I should look out for or pay special attention to?

I hope to have everything measured by the end of tomorrow - including inside. Then I will transfer all of the measurements onto graph paper before I go out and buy the MDF.

Hopefully, next Tuesday or Wednesday I will be able to go to B&Q, but the MDF and have it all cut out. That will be when we know this project is for real!

I will see you all tomorrow, bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning!! :)



  1. It's already wednesday here, at the other end of the world. By the time you read this you're already on your way. You go girl and have loads of fun!!

  2. I'm afraid I am too late to offer any advice either, but I know you will have a blast and I cannot wait to hear about it!