Monday, 22 October 2012

Just Dropping By...

Hello everyone!
How are we all?

Before I begin writing this post, I would like to say a huge thank you to those who have started following my blog recently. I really appreciate it, and I hope I continue to post pages that interest you. A big Welcome from me :)

I've been going crazy at my reception desk today, plotting and planning the build for Old Generals Farm 12th scale! I have a To Do List - of course! And I have my best friend, Thomas, helping me on Wednesday to measure the house from top to bottom - literally!

Since moving out of home and into my flat, I haven't photographed anything, so the number one item on my To Do List was to dig out my camera... and then my camera charger. Mission accomplished. I have emptied my camera's memory card and I plan to fill it up again with billions of photos for Old Generals Farm. I'm going to photograph every tiny detail so that when it comes to adding those finishing touches once I have built the house, I can add every tiny bit of realism I can.

Oh, I really mean every tiny detail.
On my "To Photograph" list is the following:

- Cobwebs
- Mould patches (around the windows outside)
- Birds nests
- Slipped roof tiles
- Weeds

All of these details will add the finishing touch to Old Generals and I hope it will really help the build to resemble my old home perfectly.

I cannot wait to go home. I'm so excited it is unreal. I've been counting down the days all week. Just 2 more sleeps and I can finally set this ball rolling!!

Hurry up Wednesday!!!

See you guys soon :)


  1. I do that too when I go home to visit my family (count sleeps). I hope it goes quickly. Best wishes to you and Thomas on your measuring- be careful if you get up on the roof! Are you going to post some of the more interesting pictures? This is a really cool project :)

  2. Hi Kim,
    Hopefully I will be able to post some interesting pictures. Blogger seems to dislike me a lot recently, it won't allow me. But I will find a way!! :)