Thursday, 25 October 2012

Ground Floor Graphs First Bit Of Progress Pics

Well Hello Everybody!!
How are we all?

I've been busy this evening converting measurements to 12th scale and I have some progress photos for you!

I have finally completed the ground floor conversion. I had to do a couple of tweaks - tweaks I hope won't effect anything... eeek! But we'll have to wait and see.

Well, bluntly put - it is HUGE! I always knew it would be. But I'm seeing a lot of paper. A lot. So maybe once I've done a cut out stencil it will look a little smaller and I will have a true size of the house. I would measure, but I've spent the past 20mins looking for the tape measure so I think I'll save that exciting part for tomorrow. I believe I've left it in my car. Silly me.

Anyways, this first picture was of my progress last night. I did half of the converting and it took me about an hour. Everything seemed to go pretty smoothly, all the measurements added up and I did well.

This second picture is of my progress tonight. I'm sorry you probably can't see much more than just paper - if you click the pics to bring them up bigger you might just see some faint lines there, but I thought I would show you were I'm up to now. You get the general jist of the size this house isn't going to be this way too. :)

See you guys tomorrow.
I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do, but I'll do something :)


  1. Holy cow- that second picture did put it in a much better perspective. That baby is going to be a masterpiece! Imagine what a beautiful piece of art you will have when you are finished- I am just really excited for you! I love the wine and chocolate in the first pic too- a mini artist has to have some sustenance :) You are really rolling along- hope you have some time to work on it this weekend :)

    1. Hi Kim,
      Thank you for your comment.
      Haha! Yes, the wine and chocolate was greatly needed after that long, hard day!

      I will be creating another - to scale template tonight and I will cut around all the pieces so that I have a full image on the size and shape so far :)

      Then I'm afraid that is all I can do until next week :( , without doing some more research on lighting and wood work :)