Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Today's Exciting Progress!

Hi everyone!

Today finally arrived! I woke up this morning all like "yaaaay!" excited, and was dressed and ready to leave the flat in record time. I got to the house, expecting to find Thomas there since he lives two minutes up the road, but he'd lost his keys - so off I went to pick him up before I could start my day measuring and photographing every inch of wall!!

I took pictures of the inside as well as the outside, but I had more time to photograph the outside while I was waiting for Thomas to show up - until he told me he'd lost his keys.

My parents told me today that within about a month they will be putting the house on the market to rent. Next week the decorator will be in to paint all of the walls. That's okay, I took pictures of all the rooms so I know the room colours. When it comes down to particular brands and colour shades, I don't think it'll matter - just as long as I have the right colour and shade to my memory.

So I really have to step up the mark now and get everything I need from the house. Theoretically, I only have 4 days left. Since I only have one day off a week that I can get home to do all of this, and even then I have to find the time!! I decided a week ago I was going to go home to take all of these measurements - luckily I wasn't busy with an overload of work to do! Fingers crossed it will be the same over the next few weeks!!

Anyways, enough boring you - here are a few photos of the outside.
(I hope they're interesting enough for you Kim!)

PS - You have to click on the links, its the only way blogger will let me add images I'm afraid :(

Please note: All of these images are of my own. If, for whatever reason, you wish to use them - please contact me first. Thank you :)


  1. oh my gosh ShelbyFay- the first pictures are incredible! I love the front of the house with the brick! The sun room/conservatory on the back is amazing! The roof is fantastic too- what a lot of hard work you are going to have, but what a great treasure you will end up with. I think I might be almost as excited as you are :) Best wishes and good luck in getting it all measured and such before your time limit- I'll be thinking of you!

  2. Thanks Kim :)

    I spent about an hour converting some measurements down to miniature last night. It is going to be HUGE!!
    I think I've really underestimated the size of this, but even still, I want to pursue this project despite the fact it's going to take up the entire amount of space in my living room! :D

    I will be back this evening with another update, I want to do some more converting tonight - hopefully have the full size of the house is going to be :)

  3. My goodness, ShellbyFay, that is one gorgeous house!