Monday, 29 October 2012

Feeling under the weather, but still finding inspiration!

Hi everyone,

I'm sorry I've not been around much the past few days, and I haven't followed up on my plans for Old Generals Farm either, like I promised and I apologise for that too.
I've been a little bit under the weather, feeling a little ill, very tired and run down. I'm still not feeling great today, not ill - just generally. Like my spark has gone awol.

I'm determined to get it back though! I'm going to go through to the bar and get myself a hot drink, then I'm going to come back, get on with my work and then read through all of your amazing blogs later. I've been keeping up with you all quite well I think, thoroughly enjoying a lot of mini creations I'm finding and they're sparking my enthusiam and inspiration!

Ara at Adams Family Mini-Mansion has inspired me with some books she's made recently. The Fairies at Bruion could do with some books, so I must make them some when I dig out all of my supplies!

I want to get back into making some foodies, now that I have my own oven to use and no parents nagging me about the cost of gas, I still haven't made the most of that feature yet! So I hope to be doing some of that soon.

I also need to get Old Generals Farm's second template make and cut out so I have a true ground floor image of how big the house will be and what it will look like. I'm making plans with Thomas in regards to when we can get back to the cottage to finish the measuring! I'm still so excited!

I hope to be back very shortly! Please keep going with your hobbies and making your miniatures! You don't only inspire me, but you inspire hundreds of other people, just like others inspire you!

See you guys soon!
Hugs ox


  1. awwww, hope you feel better soon!! Nothing worse than wanting to do things but your body says "no way" :) Sending you hugs!

  2. I wish you the best and hope you feel up to creating again soon. Take your time though, sometimes we just need a break and some peace and quiet to be able to do anything creative. My thoughts are with you!
    Huge mini hug,

  3. I hope you're feeling better and more inclined to get back to the minis.

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and feel free to email me via my profile on the blog. I'd love to hear from you.