Saturday, 3 November 2012

100 Things To Do Before I Die

Hello everyone!!
I hope you're all okay.
I thought you might have gotten bored with photos of graphs and card board and me banging on about Old Generals Farm, so I thought I would share something, possibly inspiring, with you.

Recently, I've been thinking about the direction in which my life is going, my achievements, my dreams, my goals, my failures. Then I realised, I really haven't done enough to satisfy myself, in the sense that if I died tomorrow I haven't done what I have set out to do! So, while I was in the bath, sipping on wine and Facebook messaging my best friend, Macky (aka Thomas), I wrote up a list of 100 Things To Do Before I Die. Kinda morbid, I know, but how can we each really grasp our lives if we don't set out what we really want to achieve and experience in life?

Sometimes, while writing this list, I found myself at a loose end. So I started searching online for what other people have written on their bucket lists. I felt happier in myself that in some lists, what people consider a goal for themselves, I have already achieved.
For examples:
  • learning how to horse ride,
  • riding a horse bareback,
  • have my own pony (Mr Pickles)
  • taking part in a show jumping competition (albeit I did terrible, but I had the experience),
  • meeting a celebrity and having my photo taken with them (I could name drop here, but I'm not going to.),
  • going camping,
  • picnicing in a grave yard - when I was younger myself, my best friend and her mom went on bike rides and we'd go to a quite little grave yard. While eating our sandwiches we'd walk around and look at the head stones.,
  • Moving out,
  • Experience all 4 seasons. Living in the UK, I experience them - although not to a great extent. I'd like to experience a really warm, romantic Fall. A rainy, refreshing Spring. A hot, blistering Summer. Snow up to my waist in Winter. I hope these more exagerrated experiences will come when I visit other parts of the world. 
And there are more, of course, but these things I have achieved. When I was younger, things like horse riding was my dream and having my own pony. My biggest regret in life is letting that pony go, I should've stuck with horse riding when I started secondary school. Sigh.

But moving on swiftly - I thought I'd share my Bucket List of 100 Things To Do Before I Die and see what you guys think. Thomas is also going to write one, and we have decided that over the next few years we will help each other achieve our dreams.

We've already started planning a trip to Paris, and I'm looking at tickets to see Bon Jovi! :)
This is what I came up with:
100 Things To Do Before I Die
1.  Do a skydive for charity
2. See Aerosmith perform
3. See Bon Jovi perform
4. See Pink! perform
5. Complete Old Generals Farm 12th Scale
6. Raise £10,000 for Air Ambulance (realistic goal of £1000 a year for 10 years doing some kind of amazing event - maybe something that can tie in with my 100 list.)
7. Have at least 2 children - at least 1 girl. I will name her Nevaeh. (Heaven spelt backwards)
8. Own my own hotel - my dream - a big eco friendly, luxury hotel in the Lake District with different rooms dressed in period styles with modern facilities. Offering long country walks, picnic spots, fishing and horse carriage rides to a nearby village. A real couple's romantic getaway.
9. See Flo Rida! perform
10. Go to a silent rave!
11. Run a very successful Etsy shop
12. Travel the world!
13. Fly!(in an aeroplane.)
14. Visit Paris
15. Visit New York
16. Visit Los Angeles
17. Visit California
18. Visit Eygpt
19. Visit Australia (Christine put the kettle on!)
20. Have a 6 pack! (Weird, but yes, I'd like a 6 six pack for at least 1 month! Haha.)
21. Get married
22. Own/Hire a volkswagon mini van (pale blue one) and tour the UK (Scotland, Wales and right down to the bottom and back again) with Thomas! (He hates mini vans and is secretly dreading this! haha)
23. Visit Italy!
24. Drive a funky scooter thing in Italy!
25. Live in a totally French inspired cottage in the country
26. Own a Shetland pony
27. Own another German Shepherd
28. Visit the Lake District
29. Vist Harrods and buy something
30. Learn to do Jumpstyle Click This Link Too See Jumpstyle dancing!! 
31. See Pitbull perform!
32. Go to Jersey!
33. Inspire someone.
34. Own a pair of Louboutins. (Extravagant I know, but I love heels - and I would like to tell my granddaughters that I once owned a pair of these high style, expensive, designer heels! Even if they did only survive one night out on the tiles!)
35. Go for a meal in a sky scraper resturaunt.
36. Visit Las Vegas
37. Publish a book! (childhood dream)
38. Visit Jamaica!
39. Visit Hawaii
40. Honeymoon in the Maldives (You got that future hubby!!)
41. Ride the UK coast on horse back
42. Go Whale watching
43. Stay in a luxury 5 star hotel!
44. Visit the Tombs in Eygpt!
45. Go on the Eurostar
46. Spend Christmas in another part of the world. Either New York or Paris!
47. Swim with Dolphins
48. Get a tattoo
49. Build and sleep inside an igloo for 1 night. I'd have to go somewhere cold for this....
50. Do a "Come Dine With Me" style dinner party with friends! :)
51. Learn to meditate - connect with my soul and mind
52. Throw a fancy dress Steampunk themed birthday party! :D
53. Camp on the beach for a whole night :) - a warm beach - maybe do this in another country, because I would freeze in the UK...
54. Visit Rome
55. Learn a new language.
56. Learn how to knit! (I learnt a little bit when I was younger, but Id like to learn some more.)
57. Learn how to make my own scented candles!
58. Learn how to weave miniature baskets!
59. Become a successful blogger.
60. Go Zorbing (rolling down a big hill in a ball)
61. Plant a tree. Not just any tree in any spot, but a tree with a specific meaning. What that meaning will be? Who knows.
62. Shower in a waterfall!
63. Sleep under the stars in a scenic place.
64. Go on the biggest Roller Coaster in the UK!
65. Drive a convertible across Route 66! (Complete with mirrored shades, rock music and long hair!)
66. Go for a Hot Air Balloon ride!
67. Go scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef
68. Quad Bike in dunes and on the beach!
69. Go for a driving day experience - drive a Ferrari, Lambourgini or another really awesome car!
70. Go rally driving!!
71. Go skiing.
72. Stay in a log cabin in a winter wonderland! Drink hot chocolate by the fire and roast marshmellows!
73. Take a tour of the Grand Canyon
74. Visit the 9/11 scene in New York (a bit morbid I know, but my grandparents went and they said it was a real life changing emotion and atmosphere.)
75. Walk along the Great Wall of China
76. See the Northen Lights
77. Have my palm read
78. Have a Medium assess a house I am living in.
79. Climb a Mountain and camp at the top for a night. Not sure which Mountain yet.
80. Stick a map with a pin and go wherever it says!
81. Climb a Volcano
82. Go skinny dipping!
83. See Michael McIntyre live
84. See Lee Evans live
85. Hold a Masquerade party. (Everyone must bring a +1 and wear matching masks.)
86. Ride horse back across the beach
87. Ride a Dune buggy across the desert!
88. Witness a meteor shower
89. Meet a Holocaust Survivor
90. Ice skate in New York at Christmas
91. Eat in an underwater Restaurant.
92. Watch a drive in movie!
93. Sing drunken Karaoke in a foreign country with my best friend! Song of choice must be: "Don't Stop Believing - Journey"
94. Design and build my own home. Decorate and furnish it until it is just perfect.
95. Have £1,000,000 in my bank. Apparently, after doing some reading, this isn't such a hard achievement. We'll see.
96. Visit an undeveloped country
97. Watch the sun rise.
98. Experience Mother Nature at her best - go camping and trekking through Rainforests, Waterfall locations, The Wild.
99. Fall head over heels in love.
100. Conquer my biggest fear. Great White Sharks.

As you can see, in teal and crossed out there are two things that I have already completed. This was a great feeling. I watched the sun rise with a friend on top of a big hill not far from where I live. We sat in his Cavalier Convertable and looked up at the stars. If he wasn't a close friend, I'd have said it was something quite romantic. We talked and talked all night and watched the sun rise in the morning. I went home at about 8am, showered and slept! Haha.

That was one big memorable moment in my life and it was just perfection. I plan on visiting lots of other parts of the world, and I will have a "To Do List" of things for each place - and of course experiencing a sunset and a sunrise with be on these lists!

I met a Holocaust survivor while I was at college. We took a trip to a holocaust centre here in Lincolnshire and we met Arik. He is a really inspiring man, I bought his book and managed to read a little bit of it on the journey home. I'd like to finish this book some time.
So there you have it, my bucket list. I can't say for sure that all of these things will remain here. I like to think I will review this list in a year where I will add or remove things. But this is quite an interesting list and I think it reveals a lot about me. I'm pretty adventurous and willing to try new things.
Once I start making solid plans on completeing some of these things, I am going to set up a blog especially for mine and Thomas's adventures!

Watch this space everyone!


PS - I'll be back later this evening with a very important post! ;)


  1. Awesome idea! I am not sure I could think of 100 things at this moment! -ara

    1. Hi Ara,
      It did take me an evening and a day to list everything. You start off on a roll with all of these ideas sprouting out, and then you find yourself dwindling on ideas - around about idea 30 :p

      A lot of these were added after conversations I had with people. When I asked them what their most memorable experience was, or what they would like to do in life. And if it was something I found myself excited about, I listed it.

      The trick is to be realistic. All of the above things are well within my reach with a lot of saving up and planning. It's just going to take some years - but years I am really looking forward to! :D


  2. what a great idea. I did learn a lot of things about you from your list too- some of your list I would like to do myself and some I would never do ever-lol. (like take a hot air balloon ride- I would have to do the entire ride curled in a ball at the bottom of the basket)