Saturday, 3 November 2012

My First Award!

Good evening all!

I told you I would be back today!
I'm sorry I couldn't do this earlier, I was at work and my 100 Things To Do Before I Die post was actually written up over the past couple of days - because it took a lot of thinking! But there I was this morning, logging on at work and checking out my favourite blogs and I had a beautiful surprise!

I clicked on over to my good friend Christine's blog - check it out - Hollyhock Cottage - a miniature home in the 1940s . Christine's work is amazing and I am so honoured to have found she has awarded me with my very first award!!

And here it is:
"I Love To Blog"
And do you know the second best bit about this - it was as if blogger sensed my excitment and actually allowed me to upload this picture!! Hurrahhh!! :D
Christine, honestly, thank you so much I am so grateful for this award and I'm so happy you thought I was worthy. I'd love to award it back, as I feel you so deserve it, which is why you recieved it in the first place, but I guess that's cheating...
Now I assume I have to award this to 6 other people now, and I've been carefully looking and thinking as to who to choose. Straight off the top of my head I could name a dozen - but when checking them out, I realised they had already been awarded this award. I know there are some blogs out there with amazing writers, with some amazing content to share that haven't been awarded this award yet, so I would like to share it with them. And I hope it makes their day just like it made mine.
So, in no particular order.
I would like to nominate this award to:
Kim, at Flowers & Art, I really enjoy reading Kim's blog and her comments here always make me smile and keep me motivated.
My friend Kath, her Lakeview dolls house is fantastic, looking at the pictures is like looking into a home design magazine. Everything is just so right and not a detail missed.
Ara, over at Addams Family Mini-Mansion, I've recently been keeping up with Ara's blog alot and I thoroughly enjoy reading her posts. Her Clue blog is pretty interesting too!

Irene at Hambleton Hall, I felt Irene deserved this award because all of her blogs are my biggest inspirations. It doesn't take a genius to work out Irene was born to be a miniaturist!

Peggy at Another Cosy Cottage is a blog I have recently discovered. Peggy makes adorable little needle felted cats! And while I'm talking about Peggy, you should know she is holding a giveaway for one of her needle felt cats - a cute little sleeping one. Here's the link, and I will post up a link image on the side of my blog too. Peggy's Giveaway!

Casey &Tessie a Casey's Minis. I don't think I've ever met a miniaturist who blogs who doesn't know about Casey and Tessie, I felt they deserved this award. Since the award means "I Love To Blog" and Casey blogs everyday, it's pretty obvious she loves blogging - so it suited quite well :)

I hope to be back soon with some actual mini progress on something!

ShellbyFay ox


  1. You were right! This made my day, thank you ever so much.
    * walks around the whole day with a huge grin on her face *

    Going to put that award on my blog as soon as possible. Thanks again!
    Huge mini hug,

  2. Congrats!!! I love to read your blog and I'm so thrilled you chose to pass this award along to me also. I have just barely been getting back to blogging and feel like my blog is boring as heck lately-so this is a nice surprise :)

    1. Hopefully this will motivate you Kim :) You are a great blogger, you deserve this award!

  3. Wow, thank you for the Award ShelbyFay! I'm so pleased you like what I'm doing and find inspiration (blushing here ). It's all great fun!

    I've signed up as a new follower (via Christine's blog) and am looking forward very much to your progress with Old Generals.

    Thanks again. X