Saturday, 10 November 2012

Another Day of Tape Measures and Graph Paper!

Hi everyone,
Hope you're all okay!

I'm sorry I haven't been around these past couple of days, I do have some progress to show you - mainly in the form of pictures though. I've been suffering with sickness again - all day yesterday and today. Been extremely busy at work and if it hadn't been for the manager who works next door in our bar and resturaunt, I don't think I'd have coped! I've been grabbing 10 mins of sleep here and there when I can, but my stomach and my head will not allow me to get any proper sleep! :( Booo!

Anyways, on Wednesday Thomas and I went back to Old Generals and did some more measuring up. This time I was the one who was really late, busy updating our other receptionist who has just gotten back from holiday and paying the tyre man for fixing my flat tyre!

When I got there, Thomas had already measured up quite a few of the "panels."
The way that I'm going to build this house, since it's got so many sides to it and it's such a big house, I will have to do each outside wall as a panel, and then add the internal walls and floors afterwards. This will obviously be tested out in my big cardboard stencil of this build.

Anyways... side tracking! Thomas had provided me with some... er... rough sketches of the sides of the house he had so far drawn. I'll admit, a brief glimpse at these and I understood them, while I was facing the wall we were looking at on paper - sitting on my living room floor inspecting them Wednesday night... hmm, Thomas, I may need you to decifer which drawing is for which wall here? Please?

I managed to snap some amusing pics of Thomas on a ladder though! :D

Each photo was snapped with a rather rude comment from Thomas himself, basically telling me to stop taking pictures. I couldn't. It was too funny. I stopped when he chased me around the house with a wooden ruler though... that was not funny! :'(

But anyways, we got the measuring completed outside - all except for the conservatory. We got all of the measuring done inside too, all except for my bedroom. It was 5pm, pitch black outside and we were freezing (as the house is empty and there's no heating on) and my bedroom is the most complicated room upstairs to measure, so we decided to leave it until next week!

Which gives me a little under a week to get the measurements we took on Wednesday scaled down and draw up so that any mishaps and discrepancies we have over the measurements can be ironed out. The clock is ticking, and I don't have much longer to get everything that I need from this house to begin my build!

I'm going to attempt some sleep now, I need it desperately. So I will bid you all goodnight, and I hope to be back very soon with some proper progress! :D

Hugs ox


  1. oh...I really really hope you feel better soon- I'm sending you good health vibes! You are really doing great on your measurements- I think you and Thomas are going to get it all done in time :)

  2. I hope you're feeling better now and able to crack on with Old Generals.

    It's nice to see a man up a ladder, isn't it? lol!

  3. Hello ladies,

    I'm feeling much better now, thank you :)

    Not much work being done on Old General - I have the decorator in and some family coming down tomorrow so I'm busy doing other things. But hope to be back on it on Monday! :D