Sunday, 11 November 2012

Are You Wearing Your Poppy?

Good Morning Everyone!

I hope you are all well today.

This is a very special post today, not miniature related, and something very close to all our hearts. 
Today is Remembrance Sunday. Today is the day we Remember all those who fought and gave their lives for our freedom. 

I'd like to share with you a poem I heard every Remembrance Week in assembly while I was at school. It was always read out by the Team Captains- Hurricane, Spitfire and Lancaster - these were our teams (I was Lancaster). 

It is written by Harry Riley and it is called Remember Me (The voice of the dead.)

Remember me
Duty called and I went to war
Though I'd never fired a gun before
I paid the price for your new day
As all my dreams were blown away

Remember me
We all stood true as whistles blew
And faced the shell and stench of Hell
Now battle's done, there is no sound
Our bones decay beneath the ground
We cannot see, or smell, or hear
There is no death, or hope or fear

Remember me
Once we, like you, would laugh and talk
And run and walk and do the things that you all do
But now we lie in rows so neat
Beneath the soil, beneath your feet

Remember me
In mud and gore and the blood of war
We fought and fell and move no more
Remember me, I am not dead
I'm just a voice within your head

I will be taking part in the silence and watching the ceremonies on TV today. I hope that you will join the millions of people around the world who will also be Remembering. Such as sad, sad day - but we must not dwell on the death, pain and sorrow - but instead celebrate the men who fought for us and for the lives we have today. There are no words to describe such men, Brave and Heroic don't even scratch the surface. 

So, are you wearing your poppy today?

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