Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Help! I've Lost It!!

Evening everyone!

I hope you're all okay! :)

I am so sorry that I have been away for some time now. I have been so super busy it's unreal! I've had the decorator in the flat for the past week and a bit, so I haven't settled down to do any template work for Old Generals because my flat was in so much chaos - every time I tidied a room, the decorator would empty another into it, so I gave up. My evenings were spent trying to burrow a tunnel through my flat to make it liveable!

Now... the real reason for this post... I wondered if you guys could help me track something down. When I'm doing the templates I use a Scale Calculator, which I found straight away with a simple Google search when I first started this project. Somehow though, I can't remember exactly what I typed in, but it couldn't have been anything spetacular.
I've since done lots of cleaning of files etc on my laptop, and it appears the link got cleaned away too.

This evening, I have set aside some time to get back into the templates and get the outside shell completed. Thing is, I cannot find the calculator anywhere online!!

I am in absolute dispair!!

I have tried all the different ones which keep popping up in my Google searches, but I don't trust them, and I don't like them.

The one I was using was really simple. It was a case of type in the measurement (which was in my case typed in, in inches and mm's). And then in the box below it came out with the 12th scale measurement in inches and mm's. I really liked it because it was so simple to use, easy to see the measurement at a glance and the page wasn't full of distracting text and adverts like all of these other calculators I'm finding.

It was also on a red background.

Please, please someone help me find it?!
I've typed in all kinds of combinations of scale conversion calculators and it's not showing up. If the creator of this calculator has since removed it I will be distraught.

Maybe I should've posted the link on my page here, but I didn't think of this at the time. I'd like to use the same calculator because if there is just the smallest bit of difference between calculations of this site and another it could mess everything up. Plus, I really don't like the way these other calculators are set up and most of them have really distracting pages.

Please, if you recognise the description of the calculator please post up a link :)

Now, I must dash. Got some more Google searching to do!

Thank you everyone!
Hugs ox


  1. Is this is? http://www.printmini.com/calc.shtml

  2. Hi Lisa.
    Sadly not :( ive tried this calculator and may use it from now on, it looks like a good one and I trust Jim's site.

    I think the calculator i am looking for was from Art of Mini, or something similar by name, and its gone, sadly :(

    Thank you for taking the time to look for me :) x

  3. Try this: http://www.the-art-of-dollhouse-miniatures.com (although I'm not sure it's there any longer).

    BTW can you empty your pm inbox on the Forum? lol! Thanks. Ix