Monday, 5 November 2012

My 100 Things List - Why Did I Put My Biggest Fear On It?

Evening all!

I have accepted culinary defeat this evening, and the fact that the world has been against me all day!

Constant phone calls...complicated do lists the length of my arm... I smashed my new mobile phone... smashed my rice jar... burnt wedges... sour milk and no wine - I have slumped onto my sofa, with a mug of hot chocolate (which tastes vile because I picked up the wrong flavour) and I decided since there is nothing on tv I will chat on my blog tonight.

Kim inspired me with this blog post tonight, by revealing her fear to me. And then I thought I would tell you all why I put my biggest fear in the world onto my 100 Things To Do Before I Die post.
Well, the long and the short of it is - how amazing would it be to say that you have faced your biggest fear?

For me, Great White Sharks are my biggest fear. I can't even look at a picture without breaking into a panic attack. Just writing about them now is making my breathing become quicker, I can feel my heart rate beginning to race and I'm already feeling scared. Calm down ShellbyFay, it's not like a Great White is going to blast up through the kitchen sink and eat you whole is it?! Silly.

My biggest fear. To look a Great White in the eye and live to tell the tale will be the biggest achievement in the world for me. I would never want for anything again.

Yes, but why?? It could eat you dammit! Yes, there's that. From what I've heard (and it didn't help my fear) Great White's swallow you whole before they begin chewing and digesting. I've had endless nightmares where I feel trapped - unable to break free from the jaws of a shark - only to realise I've cuccooned myself in my duvet...

Of course I would only do it in the safety of a shark cage... or will I?

See, on my list is 67. Go scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef . Thomas told me last night that there are sharks here. And yes, there was a shark attack there not long ago. But I still want to see this reef.

You see, the thing is about the world, that it seems to be mainly things that can kill us that we fear. For Kim, and I hope you don't mind me using you as an example Kim, heights appear to be her fear. She told me she would have to become a ball at the bottom of the basket if she went for a hot air balloon ride.

But while she's sat in a basket in the foetal position, she's missing the view of the world below her. Everyone walking around, looking like ants. The world, as you would see it, in miniature.
The beauty of the world there for the taking, capture it as a memory. Capture it on your camera, show the world.

Okay, so yeh, looking at a Great White face to face, I won't be seeing it in miniature, it'll probably see me as a miniature snack... but if I could take a photo, prove to the world I did it. I believe it will make me a stronger, happier person in this world with the sense that nothing could get me down! Anyone can do it. Everyone can do it.

Face your fears.

Anyways, that's enough from me this evening.
Take care everyone!
See you soon

Hugs ox


  1. Hi funky, I think the best way to face a great white is through the glass walls of an aquarium or maybe a model like this one - - would be enough. :-) Kettle's on so call in after facing your shark!

  2. Oh Christine!! I didn't want to check out the link... but I did... and it was horrible! Still, if I'm going to face a shark in the flesh (for want of a better phrase!) I need to be able to face a shark through my computer screen.
    Haha, I'm going to need that cuppa! :)

  3. Great post ShellbyFay! I agree with you that is healthy to face your fears and the feeling of accomplishment would be such a good reward. I still do not think I will be going on a hot air balloon ride- but maybe...just maybe...I will help my husband paint the trim on the roof :) Lol. I did face a big fear once and gave a speech to a large room full of 150 women and it was horrible but great at the same time. I shook uncontrollably through the entire thing- but afterwards they had so many great questions about my presentation and I felt so proud of myself. I hope you do get to meet your great white shark some day- but maybe as Christine says, you should start with the aquarium? My hubby and I are going to Las Vegas this December and I have heard there is a shark tank in one of the hotels. I hope to visit it. If I do and I take pictures I'll be sure to warn you if I put them on my blog so you can brace yourself- you can be sure I will be thinking of you if I do get to see it! hugs to you today!!!!!!

    1. Will there be great whites in this aquarium? Haha yes, warning would be great haha! It would really wake me up in the morning when i click over to your blog and see a shark glaring back at me!! Haha.
      150 women. Gosh that is something to be proud of. I get all stuttery and sweaty palmed talking to one important person - let alone 150! What was this in aid of?

    2. It was a presentation for work when I used to be a floral designer. I had to speak to a women's group about decorating for the holiday and demonstrate some different things that women could do themselves at home with flowers purchased from the shop. That floral arrangement I held up and worked on looked like it could fly away at any moment! I have a big fear of speaking in front of people- so I was really proud I faced that one :) I didn't sleep the night before though-lol

  4. How great of you to be brave enough to put a fear on your bucket list!! I haven't written a list yet but I hope when I do I would be that brave too! -ara