Monday, 2 August 2010

Wow, this is my first tutorial! I hope this can be of some use to you and I hope you find it pretty easy to follow! Enjoy.

Okay so today I’m putting a tiled floor into my kitchen.

So, step 1. Print off your desired printie. I’ve printed my flooring (pictured) from . It is called ‘tiles’ .

Step 2. Cut off the white edges from the edge of your printie – if there are any of course. I know that some printies fill the entire page, but this one leaves a small white border. You can then spray your printie with a fixer to stop the inks running. If you don’t have a fixer, you can use hairspray! This is what I use and it works very well.

Step 3. Take your piece of card. It doesn’t have to be very thick. Glue your printie to the piece of card. Make sure you use a decent amount of glue around the edges particularly, as you don’t want it to start peeling when you’ve got it in your dolls house. Try to keep bubbles to a minimum, but don’t worry too much if there are a few small ones, these will disappear when the glue dries. Then leave it to dry. I left mine for about an hour so it was very dry when I returned.

Step 4. (this is if your printie is tiled/wooden/brick so you can put in the embossed detail. If not – skip this step.) When your printie has dried to the card, take a small embossing tool. Mine is just a cheap one from my local craft store. You can buy these pretty cheap; mine was a set of 3 and cost me about £8. You can get some yourself from this online site: 

Run the embossing tool down all the straight edges and the grouting parts. Depending on your pattern this can either be a quick task, or a very long, slow and boring one. Mine was pretty slow as I had 3 sheets to do and it was a pretty complicated pattern to emboss.

Tip: Do not watch TV while doing your printie, it’ll distract you and then it’ll take you even longer. Also, putting on some quick paced music helped me and I embossed lines along with the beat! Haha.

Step 5. Once you’ve got the embossing done make sure that all the edges are still stuck to the card. If not just put a bit of glue where needed and leave to dry.
Now you can make sure your Printie fits your room! This can take a little while to figure out if you have a pretty big space to fill. You may need to cut pieces into squares/rectangles and fit it that way, just like a jigsaw.

Step 6. Now that you’ve gotten your Printie to fit your room you can fix it to the flooring.

I’m using doubled over cello tape because it’s likely that I’ll want to re-decorate one day and it’s easy to just pull it out. If you choose this option, don’t worry you don’t get bumpy bits where the tape is if you flatten it pretty well. And once you’ve got your furniture on the flooring it’ll stay flat.
You can also glue your printie to the floor if this suits you better!

 For more flooring printies, visit:

I hope this tutorial was helpful, if you have any question please don’t hesitate to ask.


  1. Goodmorning Shellby,
    It's just fantastic to find other miniaturist addicts. I'll be popping up here daily to see what great creations you've made. Have a great day!


  2. Thank you Peggy! I hope to be making a stone fireplace soon :D