Friday, 20 August 2010

A very quick post!

Okay, first of all I have a some apologies to make.
First - I am very behind on the welcomes, I must remember to do these soon, but welcome to all of my new followers! I have had a nosey at your blogs and I very much enjoyed them all. I will have a better look at them when I have more time, and therefore give you a better welcome. :)

Second - I know I'm one of those people who post nearly every day, it is the college holidays and I have had heaps of time to concentrate on my miniatures, but there have been a number of real life issues that have side tracked me from posting up and updates recently.

But I have one for you today. Photos of the progress so far on my dolls houses :)
The kitchen is cluttered now with new buys from the fair and it's crying out for the stairs to be installed. The living room has some candles waiting to be placed out and wine bottles are in need of a stand too. Skip there is posing for the photo! And up in the master bedroom - some new carpet :) and some candles and some perfume bottles need putting into place also.
There's more on the shop below this photo. So moving upstairs we have the study, which as you can see still has no furniture! Grrr. The door I bought at the fair still needs to be painted and fitted. The bathroom is looking pretty bare. I need to make that room a little more 'lived in.' And up stairs we have the children's bedroom. I took the carpet out of the master bedroom and put it in here because I thought it would look nicer here. As you can see there is a big mess on the floor - children aye! No, this is me :( I will tidy this up soon, I pinky promise.

Now onto the most exciting bit!
Malcom was so excited about all his new shop furniture he had to get inside quickly for this photo! Penny the post lady claim's she more mature, and would rather all this 'mess' on the floor was cleaned up first before she set foot in the shop. Malcom doesn't call this 'mess' he calls it 'work in progress!' But the shop furniture arrived this morning, I've been staining it all afternoon. Look's alright I think :) Although the post office counters are a different colour - but Malcom say's they are new installments and I say these were bought this colour.