Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Oh dear :(

I have to admit that I have been very sloppy with the follower-welcoming! I'm sorry. But I have a few minutes right now to do that, so here goes.
I'd like to welcome my 4 new followers!

JRB Creations - this blog is something that really makes me say "awww!" The little animals on here are so adorable, I am currently loving Ivy the Elephant!

Next I'd like to welcome
Kim@fairytaleCottage - sadly doesn't seem to have a blog.

Then there's

Peggy - who is currently working on a beautiful shabby chic creation. This is really worth a look because the detai;ls are just so lovely!

And finally,

Eva - has three blogs. One of which is about all the awards she has recieved throughout her time blogging - and believe me there are heaps!
The second is this one where you will find some handmade jewellery, but also some beautiful miniature scenes!
And this one which shows all of Eva's amazing mini creations including a hand in a box! She is currently doing a spooky witchy scene, which explains the hand in the box!

So remember to visit these blogs and see what little creations they have made recently and enjoy them!


  1. Many thnak for the warm welcome :)

  2. Hi Shelby- I'm so happy to meet you! I love your post office dollhouse- what a fab idea!! I also love the bakery you're starting- I have a bakery in progress also,but not as lovely as yours! I'm so glad you left me a comment so I could come over and find you- I look forward to watching your projects evolve!! Have a super day!

  3. Thank you Kim! :D Work is slowly starting on my poor, untouched bakery. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a super cute baker though, nothing is meeting my standards! :)