Friday, 13 August 2010

A welcome! A creation! And a weather photo!

First of all, I have to say I am delighted to have this person as a follower of my blog, so please help me welcome MiniMaker! MiniMaker is also the owner of one of my favourite websites My Small Obession Explore her site for free printables and projects, a gallery which will give you huge amounts of inspiration and heaps more! Also, if any of you remember (or even recognise the printie) I used one of MiniMaker’s flooring printies (you can get a tutorial on my blog but here’s a quick link - Printie Flooring Tutorial to it.) You can find that printie at MiniMakers website it is called ‘Tiled.’ So a very warm welcome to MiniMaker! Thank you for following my blog :)


Now, moving on. Today I have been very busy indeed. I made myself a to-do list (which I do every morning anyway - but sadly, nothing much on these lists actually get's done.) Well today I did it! I did everything on my lists and whatever I didn't do, I had a good reason for.

Today my to do list consisted of the following:

- Fit the bedroom carpet (which i didn't do because I decided I didn't like the shade of carpet)
- Finish painting the stairs - done
- Cut and paint all the spindles - done
- Glue all the stair pieces togeather - almost done; reasons why not done to follow shortly!
- Cut pieces for fireplace - done
- Stain fire place - done

Pretty good aye?!?!

Now for the proof!!
Yes there's the stairs and the fireplace. The stairs aren't completed because the banister isn't fitted (which is that white piece of skinny wood there.) And that's not fitted because I plan to buy some newel posts at the fair on Sunday. Good reason? I thought so too.
And yes - I can to a decision on what colour to stain them. I looked at some pictures of other people's stair cases and thought white would work well as if I choose to replace any furniture I won't have to worry about what stain they'd have to be :)
And the fireplace...If you click the picture above you will see the flower detailing on the fireplace. The fireplace isn't finished yet, but it will be once I've put the piece of wood behind it that will push it off the wall a bit more. So yes, that's not finished.. but only because I wont go over to the garage to get a better saw because of this:::
Okay so my camera isn't one of these fancy ones.. I can't capture the rain - but here you can see my drowning horses! Okay so they're not drowning - but that almost lake you see there in the corner of the field - yep, you guessed it - that's not normally there, not until November time anyway! So this is the reason I have done so well with my to-do list today - also we have finished decorating the life sized house. Three rooms in 4 days. Phew! Hard work it is..

So now I am going to relax with some mini projects I want to crack on with tomorrow :) Hope you've all had a good day, bye for now!

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