Thursday, 12 August 2010

Hmm, slow progress :(

So not much mini-ing been going on just lately, unfortunately. Instead of staining the shop shelves, the stair railings and the skirting boards I've been painting life-sized house bedroom walls! Still just as fun, but now the progress of my Post Office/General Store and house has gone very slow -

Yesterday evening I managed to create a lovely little book.
It's one of my recent favourites "The Lovely Bones"

And I managed to put in all the pages up to chapter two!
Some of the pages are readable. Like this one at the beginning of the book. I'm really pleased with this one. It took me a fair while because I had to make sure I got the pages in order, lined up properly and folded right. It's still not quite perfect, but I'm pleased with the result.

So now I have another little problem...

Stairs, bannisters and galleried landings.

Okay so I'm having trouble with what colour to stain these different parts.
In my kitchen the furniture is pine so I thought about staining the stairs and the railings/bannisters pine to match. But as you go up the stairs, the living room is mahogany. So now I have the issue of the gallaried landing. I want to put wooden railing around that bit (to stop the dolls falling down the hole of course!) But do I stain the railing mahogany or pine to match the stairs?
The same problem goes on throughout the house where the stains change from mahogany to pine and vise versa. For example, I have the stairs going from the living room to up a pine bedroom.

I'm thinking about keeping all the staircases stained pine and the bannisters pine, but changing the galleried landing pieces to match the room furniture? Or do you think this will be too much colour changing?

Opinions and idea's on this will be greatly appreciated!


  1. your little book is so sweet! I have not attempted a book yet- I hope I can make one as nice as this when I try :) I don't have any good advice on the stairs--none of the stains in my real life size house match on purpose :) I'm kinda strange that way :)

  2. Hi Kim :) Thank you! I'm really chuffed with it, and I plan to make many, many more.. I might actually do a tutorial on how I made them; if that'll help you?
    I decided to paint the stairs white in the end but thanks for the mention anyway. I thought white would be ideal if I chose to change the furniture and it goes with everything. :)