Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Look what the post man brought me this morning!!

We all get excited when the post man brings big parcles to our front door! Especially unexpected ones.

However, these parcels were expected and I am delighted with their contents.

Ernie the Milkman and Penny Black the post lady! Aren't they lovely?! I love Ernie's little pouch and Penny's uniform looks so vibrant and feels lovely. Their limbs bend which is great for when I place them outside of my Post Office and family house. They were both in the Dolls House Emporium's sale, and having wanted them for months now I snatched up the opportunity to save myself a few pound. Well worth it!

I also recieved all of the furniture in this bedroom! This wasn't from the Emporium, this was from My Tiny World. The quality is fabulous and all of the furniture matches, as with it being fairly cheap I was expecting one bed side cabinet to be a totally different shade to the other. Haha! You can just about see (if you squint) the two tiny ornaments on the dressing table. These are actually meant for the children's bedroom, but the furniture for that room hasn't arrived yet, so I've made use of them in here. They are two tiny rabbits! Also, on the bed is a dressing gown, this is meant for the bathroom - but that's the same story as the child's bedroom. And the teddy in the far left corner. He is so adorable! I have never felt something so soft and fluffy in my life, he really is a little treasure! (Also a bargain from the Emporium sales!) The bed covers were bought at our local fair in April and I'm pleased with how well they fit the bed!

I also managed to get myself these two beautiful vases and jar to go in my mini living room! They pick out the pink in the flowers on the wall paper which is mainly why I picked them. The lid on the jar doesn't seem to sit properly, so I've had to stick it down with some tacky wax. Although, I might find another use for the lid and use the jar as another vase. I also need to make myself some flowers for the vases!

And my last little item - the little gift the Emporium sent me! It's a Leo plate. The second of my Star Sign Plate collection so far! As you can see I already have the Aries one (which I was sent as a birthday gift) and the Grosvenor Hall plate which I recieved as a Christmas gift.

Well I must say I am delighted with my new furniture, dolls and miniature items! They are so cute and are really finishing off my dolls house quite nicely. I'll be on that bakery next month! *fingers crossed.*

I hope you've all had a wonderful day!!!

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