Monday, 16 August 2010

I love!

Today was a very stressful, tiring day. As you may remember, a couple of weeks ago or so, I was planning on making shelving for my General Store and Post Office.. well I got all the pieces cut, stained and glued together. I was centimeters away from putting them in the shop and, well, they fell apart! :( So that'll be me repairing them tomorrow then!

So not a lot got done today - however, I had 10 mins to make these:
I managed to get the unit stained (thanks to some help from the lovely ladies on The Dolls House Emporium forum). On top of the unit is 2 bloomer loaves - one is a seedy batch, the other a plain white bread. Then there are 4 bread rolls and a loaf of white bread. I have other items, but they are still in the oven :)
And in the middle - my favourite item of all - the jar of smarties! With all the smartie colours. I can't wait to have my shelves finished so these can sit behind the counter!

Also, please allow me to take this oppotunity to introduce you to Malcom the Shop Keeper :)


  1. I do like your bread, maybe one day I will make some of my own. Do you use Fimo and bake it in your household oven? I'm new to this miniing as well lol

  2. I do indeed :) And to get the browning on top I use different shades of brown eyeshadow. Don't bother with powders because a cheap eyeshadow palette will give just as good effect! ;) Top tip there.

    I'll post a tutorial of my break making soon if it'll help you! :)

  3. Hi there, fab tip about the eyeshadow thank you, I've been trying to improve my bread and bakery items for some time! Great blog :)