Monday, 21 January 2013

Old Generals Farm - Some Progress

Hi Everyone,

I'm sorry I haven't posted for a few days. Life has been a bit crazy and it's left me feeling fuzzy headed - like I'm drunk, I can't quite focus on anything right now and my head seems to be buzzing like my thoughts are having some kind of rave party in there.

First of all, the interesting bit - Old Generals Farm Progress - my little brother helped me cut out the panels. We spent two freezing cold evenings in the garage cutting out the panels until we ran out of MDF. There are still a few panels left to cut out, but I wont get to do these until next week now, at the very earliest.

This is what's been achieved so far. These aren't glued into place yet, so they're propped up with various items to show you the size and shape of the house.
Then "Best Friend" Thomas had a play with the panels and did some glueing...
Yes... I did say "Best Friend" Thomas...

This is why my head is fuzzy. Something isn't right here.
But I guess only time will tell - hopefully it will heal and sort my head out.
I'm glad he's back, but his reasons for his silent treatment were beyond childish, and I just can't understand why he's making up with me now, after a month of ignoring me - and why he never thought to ask my side of the story, instead he believed all the lies his so called "friends" gave him and what hurts the most - the lies are totally out of character for me, so I thought he'd know me better. I guess not.

Anyways, I'm going for a walk. Old Generals will no doubt have no new progress until next week sometime, but hopefully I'll find something interesting to tell you about in the meantime.



  1. I'm glad to hear that Thomas is back- I hope you can work things out. It is always sad to lose your best friend. The Old Generals Farm looks great so far- I bet you are so happy to be working with MDF instead of cardboard :)

  2. I know I've probably said this before but it's some size! It's exciting now that you've moved on from the cardboard box .

  3. Wow your blog is wonderful and your work very beautiful. Kisses from Spain.