Monday, 7 January 2013

In Need Of Your Ideas & Inspiration

Hi everyone,

You know how it is, life throws a wobbly at you, so you take a break from your hobby, you get back to it and all your ideas and inspiration has dried up! I've been thinking about my current dolls house projects and how I miss spending time on them, researching, gluing and imagining how they will turn out.

The one project that bothers me most is Hildred House.
The Big One I got a few Christmas' ago.
It was meant to be a joint project between my Mother and I. Well. That never happened!
And now I have this big gorgeous house, that I am in love with, but I have no inspiration for it.

Please take a peek at the images below.


When you see this house, what comes to mind?
I've had several ideas over the past two/three years but none that have screamed out at me. Mainly because the house has that ghastly middle stair case that I hate, hate, hate! I've inspected the house though, there is nothing I can do about that. It's solid.

I can live with it. I can deal with that small issue.

But what to do with it?

Potential ideas have been...

The typical Edwardian/Victorian/Georgian house


The Missouri Governor's Mansion


A French Town House, my inspiration taken from Un Petite Folie of course because her work is incredible!


a Grand Hotel of some kind


Madeline's School

I am learning more towards the school, but in all honesty, I have no idea what rooms would be what and how I would decorate them. The outside of the school inspires me for the project, but the inside I feel nothing. :(

Please, I beg of you!, if anyone has any great ideas and some inspiration for this project please share with me!

But Not All Is Bad!!

While playing on this game called "Mirrors of Albion" on my iPad today, I found inspiration in the Confectionery shop. I thought to myself "wow, I would really like to create this as a project." and then realised I had the perfect property for it. The Bakery!! I'd take a photo of it's current state, but the truth is, I have actually lost it! I have no idea where I have put the bakery in my flat. I distinctly remember bringing it here, so it must be somewhere. Where, though... no idea!!


I was originally doing the bakery up as a Georgian bakery, but I've since lost interest in that theme. I really love French. I really love light, airy spaces. I really love the colour blue. I'm already really keen to get started!!

Here is an image of the confectionary shop from game play. Isn't it gorgeous?!

I'm going for a bath now to sink away the stress of being unable to find my bakery, and having no clue what to do with HH!

Looking forward to reading your suggestions!



  1. I was going to suggest hotel but then when you said Madeline's school it made me wish it was my project! I wish you lived by me and we could do that one together!!! I have a sadly neglected bakery also=in fact I have a lot of "in progress" houses and it's my goal to finish at least two of them this year. Glad to see you post--maybe it will kickstart me to get back at it too :)

    1. Hi Kim!!
      Did you have a good New Year & Christmas??

      Madeline's school does appeal to me as a very different and exciting challenge, but I just don't know what all the rooms could be. I'm going to think up and use my imagination a bit tonight. Do some staring.

      Get back into your miniatures Kim, it's definitely an exciting buzz coming back to the mini-world.


  2. I definitely think Madeline's school as well! All those rows of beds, all neat and matching and long tables in the dining room with benches, classrooms, kitchen, headmistress' office, bathroom with a couple of baths - you won't have enough rooms once you get started!

    1. Hello Christine!

      Thank you for your ideas!
      I'm going to buy the dvd sometime today I hope so that I can remind myself of the main rooms we see in the film for inspiration on decor and ideas.

      It will make an interesting project, and something I've not yet seen done before. :)

  3. i think madelines school as well hun
    something different that no one else has done, well at least i dont think so.. i think a hotel is a good idea but madelines school will be a much fun project to do :)

  4. I think the property you have looks very similar to the Governor's Mansion although you wouldn't have to have a Mansion interior. I think I'd be struggling to fill all those rooms and relate them to a School but it certainly would be a very different project and I'm sure once you really started looking for bits, there's probably more out there for this subject than you think!

    Sorry if that's mucked up any pre-made plans you had - Oops! That wasn't really much help to you.

    1. Listen to the rest of us, funky, not Irene, no matter how excellent her advice. :-p

    2. Haha you two crack me up!!

      I'm so torn between the Governor's Mansion and the school.

      I watched Madeline today and I came up with the following rooms.

      Dining Room
      Teacher's Bedroom
      Children's Bedroom
      Library/Recreational rooms on the top floor.

      For the Governor's Mansion, I would do:

      Dining room
      Sitting Room
      Maids/Servant's rooms on the top floor.

      My head is bursting with ideas for all the rooms for both options!! :(

  5. OMG that bakery picture is gorgeous!!! I WILL have to check out that game "Mirrors of Albion"...So so pretty! I can't wait to see your progress!

  6. Its a lovely looking house and I quite like the staircase at least it has some detail having the separate hallways rather than just the boring straight up and down stairs! I love the idea of the school it would be great fun to do I would imagine and very different! x