Tuesday, 15 January 2013

It's Over!!

"But...please... give me another chance... I promise, I'll be good this time."
"No, I'm sorry. It's done. It's over."
"I can change, please, just one more chance."
"You're always under my feet. Everywhere I go you're there! I need some space and time away from you. I'm sorry."
"Please don't throw me in the trash... It's cold and smelly in that dumpster. I like it here, next to your radiator, here, with you."
"Look, cardboard - get over it okay. I'm finished with you!"


That's how the conversation went with the giant cardboard box that has been taking up all the room in my living room since the day I decided to take on this project. I've decided that I'm done with the template, for now.

I've done the panels... yes, there are a couple missing. I've lost the measurement paper for one piece and the other... well I've decided I'll do that when I get round to cutting out the panel (I may regret this decision later on) I've grown seriously bored with the cardboard box and I'd like to move on now to the nice pieces of MDF I have stood in the corner... Eeek!

I managed to fix the panels that didn't quite add up the other night, I fitted them to the panels that all seem to match up first time, so I figured it should all add up right now.

My plan now is to draw out these panels and the base template onto the MDF. I only have three sheets of MDF, something tells me I'm going to need at least triple that for all of these panels, but I wanted to buy them in bits, otherwise I'd look a bit crazy walking through the hotel with half a shed...

Once I've done that, I will borrow my Dad's table saw tool thingy and his handsaw and I will cut them all out - keeping my toes crossed the whole time that it will add up when it's all cut out. (I'd say fingers, but I might end up cutting a couple off if I try this.)

Then it'll be back to the cardboard box again to create the templates for the inside.
It's getting exciting now!

See you guys soon!


  1. LOL-too funny! How exciting to be past the first hurdle and ready for MDF!!!!

  2. It is so exciting Kim!! I'm drawing into the MDF now and I'm all giddy with excitement! Must concentrate though, this is the important stage where it could all go wrong... Wish me luck! :)

  3. GOOD LUCK, GOOD LUCK, GOOD LUCK!!!!!!! I don't think you need it though- you were pretty smart to make a mock up- I think it's going to go really well :)

  4. Amazing project. Very ambitious. Best of luck as it all unfolds!

  5. Hurrah, at last! It was definitely a good idea to go with your cardboard box, now you'll be full of confidence with the mdf. Best of luck.

  6. Hi! Sorry, I meant to get back to you. I don't have a blog. I can't find your e-mail. If you want to e-mail me, I will send you some pics. I'm not very advanced in my project though.