Monday, 20 December 2010

A Little Gift In The Post

As it's December, strangely enough I've been receiving Christmas cards in the post and today I recieved another! This one was from Rachel at Miniaturemaids Blog.
A while ago now I won first prize in her giveaway. I promised her, at the time, that I would send her a special gift to say thank you. Unfortunately I hadn't found the time or made anything I felt was good enough to send as a present for someone.

A little while ago I made her a few items and sent them to her as a thank you and as an extra Christmas present. This is what I sent her: (these are Rachel's photo's, I hope you don't mind me stealing them Rachel!)

I made her a few Christmas cookies, a yule log,
a couple of hot chocolates, a lemon cake and a
fruit bowl made from a nutshell and filled with fruit (I will be making some more of these and putting them on my Etsy shop in the new year - if you like the one I sent Rachel keep your eyes open at Diddies!).
I know Rachel likes to make hats and corests and rugs,
so I sent her a square of fabric and some ribbons.
I also handstitched her a cushion, this nearly killed me!
This is the first miniature cushion I have ever made! I
was very pleased with it. :)

So in the post this morning, with the card, Rachel had made me another little rug, in Christmas colours. It's very pretty! Here's some photos for you: (click the pics to see a bigger image)

Thanks so much for this Rachel, I really wasn't expecting this and it's lovely! It'll look great in the living room under the coffee table and next to the tree!! Thanks again xxx

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