Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Not many dolls houses in New Zealand...

But there is a shed!!

First of all I want to apologise for the extremely long absence with no explanation. To keep it short and sweet - I had a bad day at work, one of far too many. And so out of frustration I applied for my first ever passport, typed up my resignation and 8 weeks later I was on a plane to New Zealand. This was back in October. Since then I've met a gorgeous guy, seen a few sites and landed myself yet another job as a Hotel Manager - except I enjoy this one and haven't had a bad day yet! 

So Tom and I are living on site in one of the accomodation lodges and we've really made it feel like home. Tom upgraded the tv from an ancient box to a slightly newer ancient box with a screen about an inch bigger each way. And I tried to download as many books on my iPad as possible to keep me occupied - but any miniature enthusiast knows it's not home without a dolls house!

So without further ado I'd like to introduce to you Kurt's Kabin!

Kurt was a neighbour of ours when myself Tom and the rest of the staff here at the Lodge lived on Daphne Road. He was grubby, unshaven, in need of a shower and really creepy!

He'd appear at our door some afternoons and ask the girls - not the boys, we soon learnt he had a no boys allowed policy - if they would like to come to his house to "get on the piss"...

Of course, we never accepted. Friendly, neighbourly gesture or not he was just too creepy! I named this little shed after Kurt. But I think the shed is much cuter than he was!

I orgininally pictured the shed to be grubby, dark, full of cobwebs, big spiders, dust and dirt and goodness knows what else! But it didn't quite turn out that way. 

Instead, I now imagine it to be the type of shed that's been sat at the bottom of the garden, unused and forgotten for a while. Perhaps the owners have just been too busy for gardening this year. Perhaps he's been watching football, and she's been spending her days working on her dollshouse!

There are Autumn leaves carefully placed one by one where I imagined the wind would blow. They have been caught up in debris and cobwebs. 

The roof is corrugated, turning rusty with weedy bits.

This project only took me a couple weeks and that's with waiting for the postage from the UK! Sadly New Zealand doesn't seem to be the place for a miniature enthusiast - I can only find one online shop and it seems very limited. If any of my readers are from New Zealand and know of any miniature shops please let me know! It'd be great to see what's available! 

So there's the reason for my absence and I promise to keep up with you all more from now on. I hope you don't mind some gap year holiday snaps between the miniature projects!

Have a great day!
Shellby x


  1. Shelby, I love the shed! And what a story to go with it. Welcome back to Blogland!

  2. Hi Casey! Thank you for your comment. I will be heading over to your blog shortly to find out what mischief you and Tessie have been up to while I've been away!