Thursday, 24 April 2014

Day 2 of Birthday Weekend

19th April

My birthday! So I wake up a year older today, 21 here I am! Tom and I had already planned to do a combo day out which we found on a leaflet at the I-Site. It's been really wet weather recently and the lady at the I-Site advised us that the river was closed - so sadly we could not do the water water rafting! But we could do the other three activities!

First up, we went luge racing which is easily the most fun Tom and I have had since we've been in NZ. I haven't heard of it in the UK, perhaps its called something else. They are basically like mini go-karts, very low to the ground. They are controlled by handle bars, a bit like a bike, which you pull backwards and forwards to stop and go, and side to side to steer. Tom won the race twice, but kindly let me win on the third go since it was my birthday and all. 
Transporting us up the big hill from which we raced down, we got to take a lift in these gondolas which made for some beautiful views!

Next up we drove a short way down the road where we went wet zorbing! This was something I've always wanted to do and I highly recommend it to anyone who gets the chance to go! You can do it in the UK and I imagine everywhere else in the world also so it's not just a NZ thing! We loved it that much, we paid for a second go! 

Lastly we visited the Polynesian Spa. I've always wanted to go to a spa and I didn't really know what I was expecting, but it wasn't what it was. On first impressions as I walked into the changing rooms I had a huge fright - I thought I'd entered into the world of Naturists! There was naked women everywhere! I quickly scurried into a nearby toilet stall to change - which was the only space for privacy! When I emerged from the changing rooms Tom was quick to tell me about his similar experience! The spa was made up of large shallow pools, the deepest being deep enough for me just to stand up in and I'm 5'4. The pools were all alkaline and were generated from the volcanic waters beneath us. They varied in temperature and made us sweat alot. Thank fully - no one was naked! But we did see some questionable swimwear.... (men - speedos are NOT a good look!)

After our afternoon spent warming up in the spa we decided to get an early start to Taupo. It was 9pm by the time we got parked up in a campsite which we discovered while trying to find another. It was absolutely packed - and no surprise there as it was free! 

More to share with you tomorrow - and I think this bit might be your favourite! :)


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  1. Happy Birthday. You look as though you're having an amazing time. Love the photos :)