Sunday, 13 February 2011

A Sad Day For The Residents of The Olde Post Office

This weekend I grew increasingly frustrated with the lack of space in my very small bedroom. You've seen the photos - it's ALWAYS cluttered and there's never a lot of walking space. So something had to go. And considering I'm now working on two new projects and I can't decide which one I like do the best, The Olde Post Office drew the short straw. I'm not getting rid of it. Ohhh no!! It's visiting the annex for a year or so while I finish Bruion & The Bakery. I'm planning to re-decorate The Olde Post Office and do it to some kind of time scale. It might not even be a post office once I've finished it for a second time. Who knows?
Anyways, here's some photos for you!!

Deciding on where to start was the trickiest part. I had heaps of boxes to put everything in and I found a box full of unstained furniture too!

Zena took refuge on my bed. The floor was too cluttered to move and around and the bed looked comfy. Yes, they are stones in the roof of Bruion. I am using real stones as large stones to decorate the outside part of Bruion. I needed somewhere to put them, the roof seemed like a good idea!

Here is my small collection of mini's.At this point I still hadn't finished emptying the house. I sorted everything into groups.

The residents of The Olde Post Office. Greg didn't seem all that happy, he was comfy in his bed and now misses his book. Penny hasn't shut up moaning, she doesn't find the laptop charger a very comfortable seat and would like to return to the post office. Malcom is happy, he keeps asking me if he can have a job at the bakery when it's completed. Ernie says fair well to The Olde Post Office, he knows it's not gone forever.

All the mini's now put away. Zena looked pretty confused...

*Sob sob* the empty space where The Olde Post Office once stood..

I tried to convince mom to let me leave the houses on the landing, but it appears everyone likes to use the bathroom...
Zena got mardy with me. She gave me a look to say "This is my bedroom too, shouldn't you consult me before making changes?" I guess she has a point. Now that she lives indoors and spend 90% of her time asleep on my bed, maybe she should have a say on what goes on in my room... to bad I can't bark.

So the Olde Post Office has gone upstairs to the annex, where it will stay for a little while. I'm not sure if I'm sad or happy. I'm sad because my very first dolls house has been removed and is now hidden away where no one can see it, but I have now space in my room - enough so that I can even do a little dance! - but the Bakery now has somewhere to go.

I'm off now to find a box to put the residents in... Penny is getting on my nerves!!


  1. It will come out again and meanwhile you have so much more room! I love your carpet colour.

  2. aww poor zenna she looks so comfy on ur bed lol.. and has greg lost an arm? lol

  3. Thank you Christine! hahaha!

    And yes Sophie, Greg has lost an arm and there's no easy way of re-attaching it because the pipe cleaner inside both of the arm holes has messed up. It requires a days worth of surgery I think..

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  5. I think your family are just being far too fussy wanting to use the bathroom......!