Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Where It All Began Part 3

Now, we move on to the third and final part of my story. It has been a pretty lengthy one. My encounter with miniatures took a sideways on approach with me trying to create my own miniatures from fimo without plates for scale. I planned my future projects enough to keep me busy for the next 50+ years! And now I'm going to tell you about the people that really set the poison on me. The Dolls House Emporium Forum Users.

Oh yes, these people are pure evil. Once you've posted "Hello" there's no turning back. You try to get away... but they pull you back in!

I'm kidding, I truly love every single person I interact with on the forum. I adore reading their posts of dolls houses, randomness, happy memories and some time sad memories - but helping them get through it as a team is the best part!

I joined the forum on 30-07-2010 but didn't put in my "hello everyone" post until 24-08-2010 . That's when the trouble started. I quickly became an Esteemed Chatter Box member with over 2000 posts.

The forum is a place I simply couldn't live without. My miniature hobby would certainly have never got this far without this team of dedicated miniaturists, the wives spending their hubby's hard earned cash quicker than they're earning it - but isn't that the fun of it?! 

I have made some wonderful friends, met some amazing people from all over the world - speaking all different languages and each with their own unique project!

I hope to continue my miniature hobby further. I hope to complete all of my current projects. I hope to create and complete more! I hope to meet more amazing people through blogs, the DHE Forum and through fairs. And finally, I hope to learn more through the years of this hobby!!

Thank you for reading my story!
It has been a wonderful journey and thank you to all those have joined me in this journey over the past 3 years!!

Have a lovely day

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