Friday, 18 November 2011

Have you got all your presents ready yet?

Nope, me neither!!

I've been busy making miniatures these past few days, and my latest completion is this adorable little gift wrapping table!

The table includes everything that you see here.
- Old wrapping paper box, brought down from the loft!
- A gold wrapped present.
- 3 Christmas cards
- 3 poplar children's books, including Robin Hood,
Through The Looking Glass and The Jungle Book
- A colouring book
- A chess board game
- Handmade scissors
- Handmade roll of cellotape
- Red stocking, complete with a skipping rop.

The table itself is unstained white wood and is finished with a green ribbon, reading "Happy Christmas" !

I absolutely adore this table, and it will really finish off any Christmassy scene!

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