Tuesday, 4 January 2011

It's Snowing!

Here in Lincolnshire, UK I woke up at 7:30am to see snow falling! Yay! We've already got about an inch on the ground in such a short time, and so far it hasn't stopped for a pause!
Here's a couple of photos for you:

As I've seen from some of your blogs this morning, there's a fair few people who are wanting the snow, De from Delighful Mini's - I'm looking at you!

The photo on the left was taken from my dining room, showing the back of our house. You can just about see the surroundings around our land through the flurry. Very pretty!

The photo on the right was taken out of my kitchen window. Usually, we can see the Lincolnshire wolds out in the distance. But as you can see - no wolds, just trees and snow flurries!

Click the photo's for a better look!

I'll hopefully be back later with some progress photos. I have no excuse not to, I've already started the brick stenciling on The Bakers Dozen!

See you later


  1. And I'm still waiting. :) We had some flurries this morning and I got excited...but it's stopped now. Your photos are so pretty. Enjoy your snow!

  2. Hi De :)
    Well we didn't get a lot more than that you see in the photos. I think I jinxed it :(
    Happy Mini-ing